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  1. Raining here, with a chilly wind. Supposed to rain all day, all tonight and most of tomorrow.
  2. Indeed that is true BM, but really just not looking nice this year. Too much brown and not enough colour. Another week or two will make a difference, but still not looking good this year.
  3. Later than some parts of Hokkaido yes, but earlier than for example Sapporo. It is not so much the timing and as this is my first full autumn here I dont know the exact timing, although every year varies in all areas anyway. What we are not seeing here are lots of nice colourful trees, just a few. The leaves have simply or are turning brown and dropping off, not really going different colours. I think it has been the lack of sunshine and turning cold too quickly. The higher parts of the mountains are just bare, we had no colour, just went from green to bare. The lower areas h
  4. Lovely pics TB. Your autumn leaves look much better than this area. A few trees look nice otherwise a lot of them have just gone brown and lost all there leaves. Really not looking promising for nice autumn leaves this year.
  5. After another frosty start it was sunny and quite warm really in the sun, another really beautiful day. Look like the run of nice days will come to an end after tomorrow for a few days with a lot of rain expected from Wednesday onwards.
  6. Was nice out on my bicycle today in the sun, veey nice in fact. Off to a country fair in Kiyosato tomorrow and looks like another fine weather day.
  7. Another car worth considering is the Toyota Rav4, it is a medium sized SUV and with plenty of them on the road should mean you can pick up a decent second hand one for under 1 million, I would guess. I have never owned or driven on, so cant tell you what they are like, but out of all the cars mentioned here the Rav 4 is (maybe) the easiest to get a hold of. Not so much space for luggage, but with a roof rack or box it may suit your needs.
  8. It was frosty here this morning first thing, but the sun is out and clear blue sky again, very nice indeed.
  9. Bloody cheek!!!! Not an expert on this area at all, but Yamanashi as a whole has been less sunny than usual this year including Kofu where I lived for six years. And talking to people who have lived here for many years it is unusual to have so few sunny days in this area.
  10. I had a Suzuki escudor before the Delica I got now. It was the model before the latest one, which actually I prefered over the newer shape. That is a 4WD suv very capable off road and in the snow and big enough to carry a reasonable amount of luggage. You can pick up a decent second hand one of them for probably 1.5m with quite low miles and not to old. Go a bit older or a few more miles and you could be talking 1mil. Depending on your budget of course. They are pretty tough cars and will put up with a lot of abuse. Will far outdo any standard 4WD, not maybe in the land cruiser or Delica
  11. Lol Well why not nothing wrong with a bit of sightseeing who ever you are. Even if it aint very blokey.
  12. Take them to sky tree, although on second thoughts that is probably a no no, I think it is booked for months in advance. Or maybe visit Asakasa, not maybe a blokey thing, but it might be fun for them, depends on what they want to do besides rugby and drink beer. A bit of hiking could be a go followed by an onsen, that is a very typical Japanese day out kind of thing.
  13. Been unbroken sunshine all day and not a cloud in the sky, really nice and really rare this year.
  14. Yes now the sun is out I can see Fuji, it has a really nice white cap down quite low. Some of the higher peaks here should have got snow too, but still covered in cloud. Hopefull will clear up.
  15. Foggy and cloudy here so cant see the mountains at all. Hopefully will be sunny today.
  16. Use your phone on wifi and then use skype or line to speak with its free That is what I do.
  17. Shite day here, rain all afternoon and 8oC.
  18. Currently 11oC cloudy with a brisk cold NW wind blowing and rain showers forecast. Could get some snow on Fuji and the peaks around here later today.
  19. Was on the news, they were showing the snow falling and cars driving through snow it was on a mountain pass somewhere up in Hokkaido.
  20. Delivery is possible! But sorry no more spare beet this year just what I got pickled in my fridge and I don't have enough to let that go. Will have to be next year as I do grow them every summer.
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