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  1. I use AXA and found them to be the cheapest around, been with them for years. Very good service. Mitsui, Zurich and Sony sonpo may also be worth a check.
  2. Yes I heard that too. When they built it no one thought about the fact that at over 600 metres high even when it is raining in Tokyo in winter it could be snowing at the top of that tower. There were several complaints last year of falling ice hitting people or buildings down below.
  3. Was cold and frosty last night, and a coldish day even though it was sunny all day. Was beautiful actually crystal clear blue sky all day, warmish in the sun rather cold in the shade with a strong NW wind all day, a typical autumn day. It feels rather cold out there now with the wind still blowing and currently around 7oC. Another frost likely tonight and probably going down in the minus figures.
  4. Lol We just went there because we were anyway in Tokyo and close by. It actually looks better from a distance I reckon, too many pipes to be seen when close up but good to compare the close up and distance view I suppose though.
  5. Opposite here it feels warmer here today than yesterday at the moment.
  6. Quite sunny this morning and warmish too, a nice autumn day actually. Looks like we may be in for a sharp frost tonight if the freezing level drops off quickly as is supposed to.
  7. Raining here so may be another dusting of snow on the higher peaks.
  8. Dont know about fun, but it was good to see it close up both during day light and lit up at night. We didn't go up the top though too long to wait.
  9. Sunny/cloudy at the moment, and was quite a coldish start, got down to 4.5oC. Was going to go for a long cycle ride, but looks like we might be in for some rain today from lunch or early afternoon onwards so I reckon just a couple of hours on my bike instead, but if the sky clears then I may go further.
  10. Yes these ones were nice, but really limited actually. Plenty of brown or half dead looking trees though. When you look at those pics you probably think nah Snowdude is talking shit, but they were all taken in the same spot, because not many nice looking groups of trees this year, well at the moment anyway. So I picked those on purpose for photos.
  11. We were in Tokyo today, for something totally unrelated to Sky Tree, but as we were in the area we decided to go and have a close up look of it and I decided to take a few pics.
  12. Ok I took a few autumn pics from my area, unfortunately the nice leaves are very patchy this year, so not easy to find any decent trees, but anyway just a few pics, and I will add more if I see anything worth taking pics of.
  13. Lol 300 metres would be in my back garden. About a 15 - 20 min drive, which to me is just up the road.
  14. Yes just a raised square beam that you drive across with a small slope each end. Both easy and difficult, depending on your balancing luck on the day.
  15. Sun meadows again mostly, which is just up the road from me. Only a small resort, but it is very close, easy to get to and I know a lot of people there. So I will have a pass for there and then adventure out now and again to bigger resorrs.
  16. A lot of cloud still hanging around but at least some sunshine and warmer today.
  17. My season pass this year will only cost me 20000 as I joined the local ski club last year. So I doubt the resort will make much if any money from me, especially as most times I bring my own food if I do a full day. Most locals that ski a lot also have season passes. The resorts I would think make more money from non locals just travelling up now and again, if not the resorts the local ski town certainly does.
  18. I am using a dark brown folding leather looking case.
  19. Cold, cloudy, shite start but just at the moment the rain has stopped. Looks like it may clear up from lunch time onwards.
  20. I saw that on the news last night. How time flies already 10 years gone by. A lot of talk again recently about (what if) Mt.Fuji explodes or if Tokai gets hit by a big quake. I assume all the damage is long since cleared up/repaired and apart from it being still in some peoples thoughts it is all but forgotten about, or would that be a wrong assumption?
  21. Rubbish bloody weather again, heavy rain all day and cold, actually been getting colder as they day has gone on. More of the same to look forward to tomorrow.
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