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  1. Hehehe... I hope I'm not one-a-dem-dar Religious Secret holder holy men. I'd hate to ware that jacket for a cut & paste job!
  2. Originally Posted By: Kingofmyrrh Originally Posted By: timcraig Tesselator I think you have your wires crossed. I am pretty sure Fat Twins has not been directing his responses at you for the most part. In this forum it is easy to put in a new post by clicking reply to the last post. I think this is what FT has done a few times and you have taken it as meaning that his remarks were purposefully directed at you. For example the comments about going into surf threads and commenting were actually directed at Indo, but because you had posted after Indo had and this moved the forum on to a new
  3. Originally Posted By: Fattwins A quote from Mamabear that is stupid! Yes, you ARE on drugs. The info is in and the jury is out. No one said anything about the word "idiot". Who are you having this conversation with? I mean is says in the header that it's a reply to me (or I would just be watching and laughing at you) but your comments if they are in reply to me, DO NOT make any sense - at all. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't want to say you're bad or anything like that but I seriously think you need help. Either that or your browser is busted. Or mine is...
  4. Originally Posted By: bellavista Originally Posted By: Fattwins The majority of avalanches happen on slopes that average 25 to 35 degrees. That statement is incorrect. The vast majority of avalanches occur on slopes averaging 35-45 degrees. How far do you have to tip your plate until the pancakes come a tumbling? The average intermediate run at a resort is 30°, and an advanced 35°. Avalanches generally occur on slopes between 32°-45°, but are certainly not limited to this range. Lower angle slopes are safer since gravity’s effect will be diminished. Very steep
  5. Originally Posted By: Fattwins to Tesselator Number one I dont go into surf threads and tell people one area is more dangerous than the other, do I Indo? I dont comment on riptides or etc. Ive hardly surfed and dont know crap about it. So by stating facts that arent true, am I helping or just saying crap? Id say crap! What the hell are you talking about??? Are yo even reading the same thread that I am? I'm not saying anything at all about YOU! The only time I even quoted you is when you said it was out of bounds when indeed every news release on the Hakuba avy said it was inbounds
  6. Originally Posted By: Kumapix you guys are mixing up the avalanches. The Tsugaike avy is discussed here: http://www.snowjapanforums.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/257263/gonew/1#UNREAD this thread was about the avy mentioned in Hakuba Now! last week Oh, that's embarrassing!
  7. Originally Posted By: Go Native ...an arrogant ass. Some one call me? -- Huh? What'd ya say Thursday?
  8. Huh? What are you talking about? Who is Fatts... And who cares if he comments or not? huh? did I miss something here, again?
  9. Originally Posted By: Fattwins This did not happen inbounds it happened in the Back Country. You sure? The article I read called it a "course". Specifically: 林間 コース Which I took to mean wooded course. This would be different than "off-course" right? There are usually posts (often a small shack or other) near the mouth of any course (or trouble area) that may be problematic during the season. Especially if it might be subject avalanche conditions but also at popular points where kids hop out of the park. Not stationing a minimum wager at these points with snow condition inf
  10. Originally Posted By: Big Dogg For anyone interested in the Tsugaike report that SLOW posted: Police are still investigating the incident, so there is no official report. From Tsugaike Resort: patrol always confirms that each course is safe before opening the lifts every day. (There is no mention of closed courses or dealing with areas around courses within the resort that might affect the courses set to be open.) Courses deemed to be in danger of avalanches will be closed off by a "????"(Do not enter) sign, not an avalanche warning sign (though I still maintain that some resorts un
  11. Yeah, I read her post. And I feel sorry for her. And If I were around when that happened I PROMISE that guy would have a ski or board permanently embedded in his -- Well he'd have a brand new body-part to deal with - let's put it that way. But am I going to start wearing helmets because of it? Nope! I calculate that I've spent about 800 long days (actually) on the slopes so far in my lifetime with more coming. The number of times I was hit by another skier or snowboarder: Once when I was 6 years old. The number of times I've run into anyone else (going more tha
  12. I'd want one in a pipe or for woods... I wouldn't ware one on any runs I've ever been on tho - unless there were like, rocks or something... Heh! That would be embarrassing - and pointless. Kinda like wearing a helmet on a mamachali. :-/
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