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  1. My Japanese friend has got themselves a Wii a few weeks back and for all I scoffed I have to admit it is a whole lot of fun. I've never owned a game console but I'm even tempted to get one of these myself.
  2. I'm in Tokyo unfortunately. Well, I do like some aspects of being here, but I would much rather be in the countryside or even just a smaller city.
  3. I'm new here, but seems very relevant to me. It would almost be strange not to discuss something like that happening. I'm all kitted out with a new helmet for this season. Hoping I can actually get out there as well to use the damn thing!
  4. I find lots of Japanese cities to be a mess. Having said that, towns too! (And villages ) I was in Sapporo in December and really liked it, it seemed like a fun city. I'd like to be there in winter.
  5. Hey great to find this site looks excellent. Saw it on the Japan times website this morning. Can't believe I didn't know about it. Then again I'm kinda new to winter sports and a having-fun-beginner.
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