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  1. That is a photo of Phoenix Park, Korea I was there earlier this year. Very modern resort, the runs were quite short but good park & pipe. Night skiing is good, during the vacations lifts are 24hrs operational. The snow fall and quality may not be comparable to Japan. But still a good place to ride, I enjoyed it. Skiing and boarding at Korea is HUGE, and they’ve been doing it since forever.
  2. Santiago, CHILE! Going to work at Niseko this coming season.
  3. hahaha no prob! believe it or not, we got some excellent fishing down here as well I am kindda stuck in a work visa situation. But if everything goes as planned, I'll be working for the Niseko Adventure Centre(NAC) ski school. at the Niseko-Hirafu area.
  4. Oh by the way. YES the water in Chile is BLOODY COLD! Get a fat wettie!
  5. spook: I do have some hot "brothers" if you are interested snosurf: Quote: (i)How much is your average season pass for argentina/chile? Season pass price should cost around 600~800USD depends on the resort. There are some great discounts for early booking.(before Dec.) Quote: (ii) Are the montains crowded? Except from some weekends and winter vacation. The resorts are pretty empty. Sometime you get the feelings of the whole mountain for your self. Quote: (iii) Are the boarders/skiiers mainyl local/tourists? Depends on the region. If you sta
  6. Hey guys! Greetings from Chile! If you got any question regarding the ski resorts here and Argentina. Feel free to ask. Also I will be working at Niseko this coming winter. Come and ride with us, then I can tell you everything I know about SA.
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