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  1. Possible itinerary: Day 1: Fly into Asahikawa, pick up car, ski Kamui Days 2-3: Ski Kamui, staying in Asahikawa each night. Days 4-6: Drive to Asahidake, ski Asahidake. Stay at youth hostel for 2 nights. Return to Asahikawa end of day 6. Day 7: Fly out of Asahikawa. My thoughts/questions: Is 3 days at each of Kamui and Asahidake too much? Is a guide at Asahidake a good idea, at least for 1 day? Should I fit another hill into this? Which? Kurodake? Tomamu? Other?
  2. Wow. Haven't been around for a while and it's all changed. Anyway.. Did anyone use the shared taxi from Nagano to Hakuba last year? I'm trying to work out connection times. From memory it cost 3,000 yen one way and was apparently timed to meet incoming Shinks - including after the Alpico bus finishes running. I recall seeing links to it in 06 and 07. Anyone know if it is running this season?
  3. This discussion reminds me of tucker max - buttsex: hilarity does not ensue.
  4. A bit of sightseeing is the quid pro quo. You know how that goes..
  5. Looks like the missus and I will be spending NYE in Tokyo. Are there organised activities (eg. fireworks, street parties, festivals) or is it more low key? Any areas of Tokyo we should go to/avoid? Appreciate your ideas SA
  6. I see what you mean O11. Didn't occur to me to squish it down. Thanks for that. soub - 15.1" laptop screen. 21" might be a little heavy to hump around
  7. If I view the Sydney Morning Herald site with the taskbar on the right, I lose about a third of the RH column and it means I have to scroll horizontally as well as vertically. This is running at 1024x768. The horizontal bar takes up 30.5 square cms, and the vertical 69 square cms on my screen. It takes up more space in absolute size terms, as well as relative to the fixed screen size. Lucky we can do it either way - I find it more valuable the other way *shrug*
  8. The bar is pretty wide, stacked vertically. It takes up more real estate that way. Of course if you have a BFO 19 or 21" screen I guess it doesn't much matter. For the rest of us...
  9. So. Who carries a pooh tube in the BC? Oops..wrong forum
  10. haha..I prefer AK 77's solution, that's lateral thinking for you
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