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  1. I remember once coming out of the clouds like that in the Nozawa gondola. Awesome.
  2. Quote: but I needed to wash my mouth out after 5 minutes to avoid the "turd tongue" sensation Sounds great!!
  3. If I was worried about quakes too much I just wouldn't live here, it could happen anywhere it seems. From what I remember the one in Niigata was hardly predicted as being a place of particular danger until it happened. I'm lucky enough not to have experienced a really big shake, but I can imagine thoughts on the matter changing a lot if you go through something that traumatic. There's a lot here in Chiba. It's not going to be pretty if there is a really big one in Tokyo and/or this area.
  4. I'm in Chiba not too far from Disneyland. (Yippee).
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