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  1. I think the only ppl who should be in a one piece are hot women. It makes it easy to take off of them while going to their hotel room.
  2. Well, for the younger generation, skiing is viewed as an older person sport. I mean, just look on the slopes. How many of the skiers are in their 30s? Now how many snowboarders are in their 30s? Snowboarding is viewed to be for the more hip and rebellious, so the younger generation go for it.
  3. Quote: Krotch, sometimes parents like to involve their kids in their activities. Sure some of the things I have seen on the snow with babies are down right dangerous and those people need their heads read, but there are safer options. The most worrying being the idiot that crashes into you, but that can happen in a car too so why not "lets keeping children locked up in cotton wool?" [/QB] I don't care who you are, there is never a need to take your 1 - 3 year old child with you while you snowboard or ski. Take them on the trip with you, sure. Strap them onto your back, no. If you dis
  4. I sport a Burton Ronin jacket. It's nothing but a shell. I wear a t-shirt or a long sleeve t-shirt. Depending on conditions, I sometimes don't even wear the jacket.
  5. I take our Outdoor Rec trips, since it's a cheap $26 USD bus ride, no matter what location.
  6. Those ski-bikes are hella retarded. Sure, it'd be fun to ride on for like...umm...an hour, maybe two. Then back to a snowboard or skis. I'll probably try a snowblade (just sounds cooler than skiblade) for half a day or something. Nothing permanent, I'm just one of those type of ppl who like to try whatever sports are available. I've gone waterskiing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, inline skating, bmx bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, kneeboarding, snowboarding, skiing, etc. I need to add in some snowblades, ice skates, and just about whatever other watersports on the beach (like
  7. If the snow would stay, it'd be so much better. Could pack some snow on our picnic table and do runs off of it. I'd like around 2 - 3 feet of snow. Then I could make a decent hill to run off of.
  8. Parents need to fork out the $$ for a babysitter. Once the kid grows up, then slap some skis or board on their feet. Like 4 - 6 year old range is a good starting point.
  9. Toque>> Ya, never seen Ski Patrol the movie. I have watched Barely Legal: Ski Trip. No real snow action, but plenty of action in the lodge. Woohoo!!!
  10. Looks like a tubing thing that you drag behind a boat. Well, you can always try a surfboard. Just break off the fins. I'm surprised someone hasn't created a wind snowboard. Being able to snowboard using the power of wind. Allowing you to take that flat area called Niseko. Maybe get enough wind to ride uphill. Course they have those parachute things.
  11. Quote: Originally posted by Toque: What about all the weekends inbetween now and then though? Military. We have a training exercise coming up, so can't leave during the beginning and too tired and drunk to leave during the end of the week.
  12. Maybe I'll roll there on the 1st. I'm thinking of this Myoko place on the 25th.
  13. It looks gorgeous, but ya, more incline. I don't think I could even board some of those runs. Seeing a boarder with a pair of ski poles would be weird too.
  14. More snow on the mountains is very good. What sucks is, I was suppose to be rolling out for a trip tomorrow. Thanks to my boss, that's not going to happen. Sucks. I went to Hakuba last Wed. That was the worst trip for me this season. Simply cause of the conditions. Waiting for the gondola, but that got shutdown for roughly 1/2 hour to 45 mins. High winds, so they didn't want to send it up. After we all managed to finally get up to the slopes, it was all ice until like noon. The park opened up around 1000 - 1100. Not sure exactly what time, but in there somewhere. It started getting better
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