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  1. Its not as if it was anything good in the first place...
  2. I know the feeling, after a holiday of eating and drinking you do get fed up of it to a certain extent.
  3. How is a Japanese language keyboard laid out? I´ve never seen one and can only imagine it to be complex with all those characters.....?
  4. Bloody hell, I`d get through a lot of balls with that.
  5. the never ending season. just good bits and not as good bits, hey?
  6. What fun it seems this Obon is. This part intrigues me "busying herself making meals for people who aren't there"
  7. When they said that Japan was entering a period of heavy seismic activity......... Scary looking map there. Did they happen to say how long that period might last?
  8. Looks like it is gonna be Tokyo. Thanks for the help
  9. Have you seen the name of her book? "How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)."
  10. Fox News eh? Well, we all need a laugh and some entertainment some of the time
  11. Stink bugs or jellyfish? Are these traditional tales over in Japan then? Which one is good for snow?
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