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  1. I enjoy both. Which I do depends on my mood on the day and conditions, where we're off to etc, drive round with all the gear ready to go. Last season I probably spend 40% on skis and the rest of a snowboard.
  2. 7 trips. Shortest 1 day. Longest 6 days. About 20 days on the hills in total.
  3. Niseko last season when I went was a shadow of it's former self. Thats what we thought anyway - may have been bad look or timing. Time to find a new heaven.
  4. I am usually really ratty by the middle of summer if I have to stay here. This year no different.
  5. I live and work in Osaka. Wouldn't mind meeting up with and/or going to the slopes with some people from round here too
  6. In the same boat, wouldn't mind knowing
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