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  1. I know mate. So much been happening I hardly go online for much these days! Next stop there will be with miniBP and BPG Would love to get back up to the snow
  2. Love them, but not too much gettin nekid and slipping in now that I'm back in Oz...
  3. Yes, spot on Mamabear, but the joke goes further than that for those of us that were at FTs place. I believe some unnamed people may (or may not) have had FTs little one saying those words...
  4. Well, yes. This time it is... Sorry. But anyone staying at FTs this last new years would get it.
  5. Originally Posted By: thursday is it a clique thing? No
  6. Mamabear, I think that is said quite a lot around FTs place too...
  7. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy BP, that koala one was cool - looks like me after about 1 Ebisu Aint that the truth! Tea Totler!
  8. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy got him a D700 since he is my biatch ya know.. skype (thefinger) So you actually using that camera of yours yet CB? Or is it just sitting there warming your camera bag?
  9. Damn! I have been away and not posting for a few months and BANG! Thursday goes right on past!
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