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  1. Looks like there will be another search for those who would like to help: Volunteers for search for Scott McKay A new search for Scott McKay will be held on 16 & 17 April. The Kutchan Tourism Association has asked for as many volunteers as possible. If you have the time, please come along. Date : 16 and 17 April Time : 10:00am – 12.00pm Meet at : The Hirafu Safety Center at 9:50 AM
  2. from downtown cafe to the alpen hotel - terraced sidewalks that level off at shop/restaurant level, with lighting, benches (for summer), flower planters (again summer) and no ugly signage stuck up as you like...Hirafu is kinda cool in winter when it is all snowed in but as it melts it needs to look better if summer is ever to go...and buried power lines if it is possible but that could be stretching it. good luck!
  3. Been here 11 seasons now in Hokkaido, can't say I've even been close to saying there has been a bad season, just have to know where to go when conditions change and not get too spoiled which happens after you get a week of 30cm falls every night, then don't go out when it only snows 10!
  4. i just want one of your hats, could auction it off and cash in at the end of your contract, those things are in demand...
  5. also, has a coffee shop for cranky skiiers to recover from their hangovers...
  6. not busy at all, but if you are a cranky, hung-over skier then you have to keep your head up...
  7. Originally Posted By: MikePow **** get over it. Happens in every town in the world every drinking night. Except in Hokkaido, even in the summer beer gardens when everyone is canned, that's why some of us like living here and going out for a few, because we don't have to deal with the crap.
  8. Irish bar + Tex-Mex cantina + drunk tourists = gong show, that's why I live in Kutchan and no longer go for beers in the village...BDL has a much nicer vibe anyway.
  9. agree with gonative but there are two parks and the one in Hanazono is pretty good by Hokkaido standards, 3-4 kickers, rails, boxes, halfpipe, a bus, check out the website for more. in spring, they keep the park going high up on the mountain in Hirafu so from Mar-May it may be a good idea to have a park board. Ultimately, it would be best to have two boards...but then that is more yen.
  10. Here is the link to the news article (in Japanese), can't believe they were out there in those conditions, not really thinking at all... www.47news.jp/CN/200902/CN2009020801000161.html
  11. I heard a number of jackets have been stolen from Hirafu pubs/bars, be careful, then again Hirafu really isn't Japan. A few years back a buddy of mine had some stuff stolen when we were up for a nighter at Teine in Sapporo. Best to be careful and lock your stuff up tight wherever you go in this world...
  12. Zardoz for sure, you'll be flyin with it, rub it on and let it dry...
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