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  1. oh thx chotto boy yeah, what's wrong with some ski vids, too? here you go: http://snowboardteasers.seshn.com/ there's even a movie about you, it's called: WHAT ;')
  2. teasers are up for 08-09!! and i wished i lived in the southern hemisphere this time of year. Level 1 Productions - Turbo http://www.level1productions.com/turbo.php Theory 3 - Journal http://www.theory-3.com/Journal_Large.mov Filthy Rich - Proven Guilty http://community.freeskier.com/video...?video_id=1036
  3. if you read japanese, u should try the auctions on yahoo. rakuten doesn't have much variety, though.
  4. haha i don't have that much online time like u guys
  5. why in tokyo? r u doing it the traditional japanese way, taking 25 years to get something half done? anywhere except japan has got to be cheaper unless you know somebody
  6. now i can PM, sorry for poaching this thread with my multiple posts. PMs work fine now thank you
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