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  1. not much for a community up here man. there are some older japanese people into touring from what i have observed, but kinda difficult to tag a long. ummm, been at zao for this season and as far as i can tell the area around the summit and nakamura peak, (yamagata side) look possible. there also seems like some possible lines below tree line but most of the area is really thick. the biggest issue so far has been weather. there has not really been much chance to put skins on and explore the area to investigate possible skiable terrian and asses avi conditions. although with the current situa
  2. Kintaro, where are you riding? Omori trees? they don't seem to care much about that. i've been warned in a very subtle and unconfrontational way about riding off the peak into the paradise base. and at the same time they were putting up fencing all around my usual entrance point.
  3. Quote: Originally posted by Fattwins: Pro patroller in Canada make more than 900 yen an hour I can say that for sure. not much more actually. sad but true. the infamous king charles (charlie locke, owner of resorts of the canadian rockies, which includes such resorts as Lake Louise and Fernie)is renown for telling his patrol in intro meetings that if they intend to make a living and career at this job then they might as well move to a different resort. shows you how much they actually value the safety of their clientelle.
  4. sorry a little late to this one, but, is the terrian in resort boundary and roped off? or, is the area out of the resort boundaries and simply public land? if it is public land great, do it all day long and if you die, break your femur, back, neck.... your problem/evacuation bill. end of story. resort can't do anything. if it is within the area boundary, then stay clear. regardless of what the reasons are. do your research and find a huck some where else.
  5. curling should certainly be in! it is very complicated and requires a supreme level of communication and co-operation with fellow team mates/drinking buddies. has anyone ever been to a curling rink? it double as a saloon. but yes it is certainly a sport. the key factor is that in the end, a winner can be unarguably determined. unlike figure skating which is presumably determined by who ever is the prettiest. barf! yes it is difficult, it is impressive, and i certainly cannot do it, but it is not a sport!
  6. an easy girl that is confident, respects herself, knows what she wants, and simply enjoys sex? yes! an easy girl that has zero self esteem and is simply using sex as a means to compensate for something? no.
  7. freezing rain and wind will break branches, but cold weather won't. i have had my windshield crack because of the cold though. every year in the canadian rockies we get at least one week where the temperature drops to about -40 as a day time high. and that does not include wind. not a good time to be out on the slopes.
  8. i wouldn't be surprised about the porn industry there. there is a huge sex industry in nagoya. like every corner in sakae area. i get the feeling that there is a large sector of organized crime in nagoya. there is a lot of gambling, and with gambling comes organised crime. and with organised crime comes a rancid sex trade, and an off shot of which is the porn industry. "mmmmmmmmmmm. organized crime" homer simpson
  9. Quote: Originally posted by SKI: Yes I must admit it is hilarious. ski, i know that this is off topic from the thread, but since it really is about aggression and instigation i suppose it is not. are you naturaly a jack ass or do you have to work at it?
  10. the key factor that everyone seems to be missing with the "open it up" arguement is that resorts/patrol don't open an area because a small minority want it open. they open things up to make the area safe. safe for all the sking public if resorts are having slides in bounds that are burying ticket holders (and they are) then there is something wrong with that resort's safety policy. just because it cost a bit of money to upgrade a safety policy to be inline with the rest of the world, is no reason to forego the process and stick the standard old way. being a westerner living in japan
  11. nagoya is conveniently located but it is a hole. if you want to ski don't go there, go into the mountians. but if you want to see all of japan, nagoya works as a good base. and there are plenty of eikiwa gigs there.
  12. creek boy will you be there? i'm still heading up and still looking for people to ski with. interested?
  13. hey, i'm planning to be there on the 15th and 16th. if you are interested in meeting up let me know. it's my first time there as well. dave
  14. i found this today. unfortunately it was the link to some bad news in canada. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/s...223.wxavala1223
  15. so by that statement toque i am presuming that you will not be nozawa this coming weekend?
  16. i hear your rap, and your rap is strong man. if you intend to go into unpatrolled areas you must have all the gear and skills to use them if incendent arises. but, is it the patrols job to babysit me? that is my choice to go into an unpatroled and potentially dangerous area. and i am accepting the consequences of any problems encountered. i am not asking for the patrol to watch over me in such enviroment. i am just asking that they open up in bounds terrian and keep that safe. if i choose to leave the boundaries of the resort, what can the resort do about it?
  17. that's great! actually the mountains back home in conjunction with the CAA are starting to do the same. nothing to the extent of which you have posted, but free avi info sessions on hill and in the towns. it's a start.
  18. ok, i haven't read the intire thread but most of this stuff sounds ok. we go out of bounds it is our problem. people skiing/boarding out of control are liable for their actions. in NA if you cause an accident you can be taken to court. but how about a this one, esspecially considering the recent problems, REAL avi patrol and control work! how about actually learning about avi conditions and learning how to prevent them from happening and thus keep the resort open and safe! the resorts can then post their avi info to the general public so that those who choose to leave the boundaries can
  19. many things in the 2nd other answer. lacking many things, but namely self respect.
  20. one must remember that although we all are loving this utterly bizarre start to the season, the majority of people and thus the majority of money, can't ski powder. (they probably can but have never tried and are frieghtened to do so.) it is hard at first. and, to the unaccustomed, a white out can be a terrifying experience. do you remember? and as a result, most people don't have a lot of fun in the big snow. thus the resorts have to work their asses to keep everything skiable for the average ticket buyer. you have to simpathize with them a little. now, skiers getting caught in an in bo
  21. cool mang let me know if it is a sure thing. i will be there on the sunday. the festival is that night. then leaving on the monday.
  22. hello all i just got news that i have a room for the fire festival. anyone else going to be there that eve/weekend skiing? love to hook up, i hear the mountain has the goods.
  23. hey all does anyone know anything regarding bus connections from niigata city to nagano?
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