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  1. I watched Thunderball last night, the 007 movie. It really made me laugh the way they had a translation of the lyrics in Japanese over the opening credits. Its corny in English, but hilariously ridiculous in Japanese. You'd have thought they would have realised and just let the song go by without the accompanying Jgo. Are all the bond flicks done like that here?
  2. I only thought about this recently with some break-ins in my area. Anyone here got their house contents insured here in Japan?
  3. Hi there I'm kinda new here, but it all looks like a lot of fun! I was wondering how many people here are lifers and will be in Japan FOREVER! I couldn't imagine doing that, but interested to know if others are and why, etc?
  4. Whenever I can when theres snow and can get the time. I'm really excited about it.
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