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  1. IIIII, NO TIPPING -"pathetic concept" period!???? You are pathetic you cheap bastard.! L-O-S-E-R!!!! Take my advice and avoid restraunt's and restraunt workers when you enter a country that adheres to tipping ways. YOU are the enemy (not to mention a cheap bastard). I would love to valet your car!! After crashing it into a wall and stealing your breath mints, I wouldn't expect your cheap ass to tip me. We will be even. Ketchi-san! When in Rome......less ketchi people. Please tip when tipping is appropriate. It is sometimes the r
  2. Dims, where is the "surfhouse"? The North Shore should be crankin' by November. Did you catch any Ala Moana waves on the South side? Point Panick? I've been jonzing to catch some decent big waves. What else did you do in Hawaii??
  3. xxx, me too!!! My company just opened a NZ branch but I haven't visited yet. Can't wait!! Addressing the question: Japanese accomodations (biz hotels, ryokans, etc.) are expensive. I don't like that you have to pay PER PERSON per room. Is it like that in other countries??
  4. Jared, yes! The guys or gals that get the jobs in the super expensive restraunts are the people at the top of their professions. They are the pro's in hospitality. It's not an easy job to get and is compensated accordingly (in tipping countries, of course).
  5. cheapskates! Tipping is case by case. I'm not in favor of taxi or barber tipping. But in the the restaurant industry, in countries which do tip, you are a loser if you don't tip for satisfactory service. And 15% at that! If the service sucks, no tip is justified. But adequate or better service in tip countries is expcected, even depended on for people to be able to make a living. It's taxable income and not just a gratuity. The losers that leave the change in their pockets are just losers.
  6. Well, db, no, I wouldn't burn watermelons at my own home. Are you recyling your own aluminum or using the city sanitation services to collect your disposable goods? If so, you've probably got 3 choices of what to do with them; burnable, plastics, or cans/pet bottles. If you live in a more inaka area it might get more detailed like which color of glass, etc. So assuming your not living on the farm and have limited choices, were you really stumped by which one to make? Like I said, I didn't mean to offend. I thought the secret surprise answer was going to come up NON-BURNABLE and I'd b
  7. I seriously thought this was a trick question. No offense inteded but why would you put a WM or any fruit in non-burnable? I agree db, about the cans, etc. My neighborhood is kind of strict and occasionally my gomi gets rejected. In most cases I don't for the life of me know why. so I wait 'till next week and put it in the gomi place at the building next to mine (the whole neigborhood seems to have picked this particular spot.) Oh, and I'm not kidding, there is a bed in there!
  8. Better! They are getting more and more access to celebrity guest appearances it seems. And sometimes I'm actually shocked sometimes by which celebs decide to do a Simpson's show.
  9. Answer your phone in English. Your Japanese friends will identify themselves. Or CAN these guys speak English???
  10. Of course it depends on who you are when caught with that unlicensed gun. First offense, no prior record of criminal misconduct, etc, will get you a night or two in jail and a $100 or so fine. A slap on the wrist. Of course the guns for money program is on an amnesty basis. I know Whasington D.C. has picked up a lot of guns through these programs and then the guns are supposedly destroyed. It's just a dent in the supply. But one more gun off the street.. Obviously much more needs to be done.
  11. I must say I live under the Jarad system. I have no problem shelling out real money for an emerging artist/band or a local favorite to offer my support. And I frequently do. But at the same time I have absolutely no problem downloading say a Beatles or Matchbox 20 song or say a marginally successful band that I just want to get a taste of b/f buying their CD (or not). If I download something I don't like it gets deleted. If I like it, sure I'll burn it but on many occasions go buy the cd to hear what else "they" got that isn't so popular as to be traded on Kazaa, etc.
  12. Left handed writer. left handed mind. bat right(baseball). surf and board goofy. eat right (beers in my left). tv clicker right (again, beers in my left). My sister in-law is one of those "cured" Japanese lefties. I wonder if her parents secretly scorn my left handedness.
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