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  1. Before I lived in Japan, I did something similar. We came for 3 weeks - 2 weeks we toured Gifu, Nagano and Niigata for the snow and then the last week. Back in those days there was nothing like this site around, and it was much more difficult (almost impossible) to get decent info. You're lucky! We had a fantastic time by the way The only downer was that back then, resorts were about 3 times as crowded as they are now. Good luck with it all
  2. My tiny crappy place in the city costs 65000pm
  3. New here, hi. I hate that too, it is so annoying. I was once naked in my apartment and one of the neighbours walked in (even without ringing the doorbell once). I was furious. Since then I always double check the door to make sure it is locked.
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