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  1. if we took it down to a scientific level what are the geographic and weather factors like in the mountains of japan and how do they compare to other mountainous regions of the world? For instance, is the water content high but the mountains void of most anchors so more climax slides likely. Or is the water content low and the mountain rocky and crumbly to the point where anything will slough? Are there natural slide paths formed into the peaks and ridges or is everything a volcanic cylinder? simply knowing the terrain is the best place to start. anyone got any insight. also
  2. i second that!! There is no burn in this world quite like the tele burn...it is humbling! although x-country will whip our ass like no other.
  3. do the resorts post anything in their report or do the patrols list anything? What is the governments stance on it?
  4. imagine ants without antenas...same thing. it's all about balance. boarders are different since they don't face the fall line.
  5. your killing me fattwins. i miss powder. i need powder. i want powder. in the face, down the back, over the head. three feet deep, one feet deep, or 8 inches. i would take any of it just as long as i could have it right now. oh the things i miss of winter...i'm starting a list right now.
  6. in my experience... snowboarders (regardless of level) is most definitely the wrist and forearm breaks. followed then by head injuries and shoulder. so pretty much upper body extremities. skiers tend to be an all over body expeience. head and back is always common which sucks cause it requires a c-collar, backboard, and sled ride out. acl tear is pretty is pretty frequent but most of those are walk-ins. the next biggie is a tib-fib fracture (two bones below the knee), usually just above the boot. with the advent of the park the femur fracture is on the serious rise. which als
  7. point in case that it does pay to attract the penny pinchers...the Whistler model. A little known fact about the ski industry, you make your money off the hill and not on it. the hill is just what draws people there so they can spend their money everywhere else. money for food, money for beer, money for a movie, money for a taxi/bus, money for rentals, or repairs on those busted boards. money on everything. but the thing is that not everyone has money. especially those that will make the place what it is. the dudes (and dudette's) pushing the envelope and really nailing the t
  8. so to a total forum board rookie how does one go about posting an image. i would love to add to the salvation feast but am clueless on posting my .jpgs. point me in the right direction. the second and third photo look like whitewater bc...am i corrrect?
  9. i've used the M1 for the past 2-3 seasons and love it. it is very intuitive to use and gives you a nice digital read out that tells you how far the victim is. However, you do need to have some skills in either the grid search or working off the vectors. once you have that down i think this is an easy piece of equipment to use. i don't know anything about the mammut but i am hesitant...based purely on the fact that i know they make nice soft goods but their hard goods skills are still up in the air. with something like this i'm going to only trust/rely on someone who knows exactly wh
  10. if you can swing it try patrolling. your always on the hill (which can be good AND bad), your doing as many laps as you can, you see the sun rise and set on the mountain, AND you get to throw bombs!!! i pretty much had the best runs of my life when i was patrolling. freshies takes on a whole new meaning. also, 6 packs are common tips.
  11. is there such a thing as el nino or la nina effecting japan? back in the pnw we were either screwed or blessed by this odd water effect off the coast of Chile. Anything similar to that in this region? i was able to compile some interesting predictions based off of water temperatures around the pacific region and thus could tell when the big dumps were going to be. it worked out pretty well in scheduling "sick days" from work.
  12. if your into park riding you landed in a great place. they been turning it up lately. also, get your b/c gear ready cause there are some great trailheads in the area and some incredible access. avy danger is high there though and the altitude can kill ya. beware. one piece of advice. bring your mountain bike and stay through the summer (if you can). the best part of the colorado trail runs through there and is reeeeal nice. congrats and have a blast.
  13. i bivied outside once and woke up b/c i was getting chilly in my dreams. it was 9 degrees F (not sure the conversion to C) and my bag was a 15 degree bag. it was a long night. i also grew up skiing vermont and can recall on more than one occasion the wind chill being in the -20 to -30 degree f range. that was some ridiculous skiing experiences. i like the moniker -20.7, what's its reference
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