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  1. That little ski rental shop near the base of the Hirafu Gondola is sweet. You can't miss it, sitting by itself diagonally across the turning circle beside the gondola. They have good boots and skis, do good tunes, and are friendly, think I remember they have sizes well over 30cms...
  2. Hey, what's all this WHITE STUFF covering "National highway 148 Aoki Matsumoto direction"???!!!!!!! Traffic Cam And where are all those cars going....woo hoo looks good!
  3. I'm hoping to start my little lady this winter, she is nearly 2. She is keen to move around on the skis, will be fun to see how she goes on the snow, on the flat!
  4. Looking well protected Torihada. I have found what I need, Only problem is that it's in England, Helmet Cam accessories , hang on, aren't you in London Torihada?! Does anyone know where I could pick up something like this in Japan? YES, Akihabra will be on my list when I get a chance to go next week, but I'd rather order it on-line....
  5. I would be looking back in your home country Bobby, some safe retirement fund that collects an easy 5 - 6%PA. Wouldn't trust much in Japan, with 1 in 5 of the Japanese being over 65 now, somethings gotta go when they and the upcomers all want a handout in the future.... I've been paying into a small fund at home and it's nice to see it growing and get all the info in English. IMO only! Good luck.
  6. Cheers Torihada! MiniDV is my setup, works well BUT does anyone have a good idea on how to get sound??!! Using the mini camera plugged into the input of the Video Camera turns off the std mic and no plug-in mics work....the only way I have got sound is from a mic into my laptop, then headphones out of the laptop into the video camera input! Thought it needed a bit of amplification, so tried the same using a MD player - didn't work, bought the Sony plug-in condensor mic - doesn't work, obviusly needs a mic with external power...any ideas? Here is a poor pic of the cam, E
  7. Everyone should check out Yahoo Auctions! Oakley Wisdoms and Crowbars are going for about 8750 yen. NEW! Finshed Crowbar auction The seller; Oakley Japon\'s Listings starts most of his auctions at 100yen. I am up for a pair but really need to make sure the "Japan Fit" is ok. Have heard good things about the Crowbars, amazing field of vision, peripheral and vertical, and they match most helmets well, might head off to Sports Authority later on and do a test fit. I just about choked at the price when I first saw them there....a lot of stuff is sold on Yahoo Sto
  8. I had my first pair of Tecnicas for over 5 years, a pair of TNRs, slightly softer than TNTs, they rocked, until they cracked around the ankles, but that was after more than 150 days skiing. I bought a pair of Tecnica ICON ALU hot forms and they rock even more! Great fit, snug around my whole foot, I can ski with them done up all day, warm as, and you can crank them up tight or ski with them half undone, great performance. Hot Form, I though it was a bit of a gimmick, but the fit is awesome after they "moulded" to my foot and last winter when I was at Mammoth the SUV had a power jack i
  9. Pretty good place really. No real terrain, but steeper than average groomed slopes. Read my jive here; http://www.snowjapan.com/e/voice/readrereview3.php?resortName=Kurumayama%20Kogen&prefecture=Nagano
  10. Quote: guzzlers-baps I've been listenig to a few old Crowded House cds the last few days. They're Australian (?), right? Some good songs on there. Arrggghhh, they are NOT Australian!! They are from New Zealand and yeah they are damn good, very mellow, nice memories of home and nice to cruise to. I just listened to their greatest hits cd the other week for the first time in ages.
  11. Sorry for keeping you in suspense, I didn't realise there would be any interest! What do ya wanna know? I got the skis from Fuso sports Fuso Sports They are down an alley, across the street from Akibasports Akiba which is just down from the big Victoria shop on the corner.... I'm not saying they have the best prices but they are friendly and helpful. Plus I was worried about the Karma selling out really fast as it did in NZ this winter, so the price of ¥75,000 with new Marker bindings fitted my budget. I have no idea what they are going to be like t
  12. Took the plunge and went up to Jimbocho today, scored some Karmas, got a good price, they look wikked, can't wait to use them.....not long now..... looking foward to Niseko like below.
  13. Boardbaka, who's that? Sheesh I was surprised to see that reply there!! It was the first time I'd looked at this forum for ages yesterday and was surprised enough to see a question about the Rookie Academy. I see you are in Saitama, I'm in Yokohama, looking forward to the winter! Loving this cold weather. Who are youuuuu??? Jamie!
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