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  1. My local snowboard shop MASA, is sponsoring a Rail and Big Air comp at Ontake on Aug 10th.
  2. Yeah,Gen X. Bake also (I think)>its` all sweet POW skiing.Perfect film stuff waist deep POW and bluebird days.
  3. Had Oakleys(but left them at Dynaland) Now I have Spys two pair one of which I picked up the other weekend for 3000yen. Reckon VZs are phat!!
  4. One trick that wasn`t in SM2 was the reverse mute eh. Seems like a good deal Freeze and those vids. Reckon that 180 to balcony is SIIIICCC!! What you think of the dude not makin` that gap jump?
  5. Not sure but maybe the way of those Pollards. 186 and near the same specs as the lbf.
  6. Jared,check out sum quality jibbing at www.volumevm.com and go for their teaser.
  7. Went to the ski show here on the weekend.As far as twins go they only had the new 151 1080s in that blue, some Troublemakers and the Public Enemys. The troublemakers were 54800yen and the public enemys 58900yen. There was also a representative from LINE there, got my hands on the new catalogue. The LINE pro models(Sprang,Nck and Pollard) are 63000yen. And the mutha Motherships are 68000yen. Uemura,Aiko made an appearance there but rocked up too late and missed her. Spuin`!!
  8. What do think of the Japanese made movies...Generation X, Bake etc? I have one of the Gen X ones some of the footage is good but the editing/soundtrack aren`t great.
  9. You come from England so you have no use for thongs...apart from when you come to our land to watch your cricket, rugby or soccer teams thumped by us!
  10. Yeah,I`ve seen a bit a salad days at my local SOS shop.Its` all newschool stuff,no big mountain gear if I recall correctly. But if you into it, go it!
  11. Was lucky to get some Freeze,Axis and Freeskier mags from some Canadian friends(Fats and Dane)last year.Some decent stories and good picz
  12. Go the pluggers! Yeah those old Sandgropers are a classic trend too, you know the ones that flare out at the bottom and have a few different quality colour layers. You`d never wear thru `em.
  13. Dunno about the pro dying. But the gap at Tateyama appears as though it`s not that wide but DEEP.
  14. Checked those LINE bindings but no review of them.How long have LINE been drilling holes in their skis before selling them to customers? From this year or last?
  15. Yeah, might need a tow-in. Wouldn`t take long to make the booter. But you`d need the snowmobile to take you up to the run-in again. Be a good jump to get on film though eh!
  16. Yeah,man found a shop here in Nags selling old black rock band shirts>Poison,Van Halen, Motley Crue, Judas Priest etc. And they`re f#*kin` expensive!Wouldn`t think they`d be movin` alot of stock!!
  17. Seen that ad `round about the bus tours there to see the great walls of snow. That`d be a sick gap jump over the bus and road.That`s some SERIOUS height, not as big as Chad`s Gap I suppose but sum adrenaline!! How big are those snow walls?Anyone know?
  18. Hope those thongs are double-pluggers, even if one plug comes out your still save as a bank!Though for two oxfords I don`t think so.
  19. Trakky daks tucked into sum footy socks, a Metallica(or any heavy metal band) with a flanny over the top. Now that`s brings back some memories! Still in fashion in the western suburbs of Brisbane or Sydney, I hear
  20. woywoy, hope you`re not talking about acid or stone wash when you`re talking about jeans!!
  21. Hey fatty, you`re a dynastar man. Are you in the know about those troublemakers?
  22. Yeah, that chick is the ideal model for those white jeans...with laces or not!!
  23. Yeah,man that was a cold day.Gettin` that quad(mid-way) up that wind was murder but the Happo top to bottom POW shit that was hard to beat!
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