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  1. Yeah had a phat ole time down there.Dunno why they don't build a decent parks down here.They only had a couple of table tops, a big arse rainbow rail(which I wasn't able to grease) and they threw in a rollercoaster rail which wasn't open the time I was there. They built two nice smooth kickers for a Big Air Comp (which I regrettably didn't go in) but as soon as it finished they didn't let the public hit 'em. All they need to do is get a dude watching giving people the all clear or no go sign to people before they jump and it would be sweet they way they do at Dynas. They need these facilit
  2. How fun would that be!Cruising down the slopes in a tyre tube!Anyone tried or would like to?
  3. Yeah, it was the best week of the season when |I went down.But the snow didn't cover up all rocks good thing I brought old skis.Top weather and crew though!Snowboardfreak and his girlie Sam top people!!
  4. McMurray does a switch rodeo 540 into the Guthega Dam. Will post the pic when I can.
  5. Yeah, its' a sic pic shot at Charlottes' Pass NSW. Got my hands on the mag thats' at of.
  6. Yeah Kamo thats` `em.First time I`ve seen them in that bold red though. Definately a MUST HAVE fashion accessory!!
  7. Sunnies are....um sunglasses. Yeah you can see some of those ladies fully decked out in the middle of the scorching summer with not one bit of skin showing. The standard visor with white gloves,long sleeve shirt and pants. Now thats` the look...NOT!
  8. How funny are those star wars like visors middle aged women wear over here instead of sunnies!!
  9. www.powdermag.com The teaser for Superpark THE MOVIE 2. Check it!
  10. Another small ski maker force skis> check `em if they have their website updated at www.force.net.au
  11. Matt Sterbenz has given Fischer the boot and started 4frnt skis. Another ski to consider...maybe check `em at www.4frnt.com
  12. Yo dudes!MSP has the trailer to their new vid "Focused" at www.powdermag.com Check it out and get back to me cos I can`t see s#*t!
  13. Big news about the much awaited 03-04 LINE reactor binding well we`re gonna have to wait another season before we see them. Check the story out at www.getboards.com/snow/bindings/line/reactor.html
  14. Yo Barok if you ski/`board at a real freestyle orientated resort like Dynaland you can`t overshoot the landing(not on the pro built step down)hence you can go as big as you like.As proved by Dane he tucked in from the top of the inrun (over the mark) and went massive and still couldn`t fly over the landing.In addition to the safe, long, steep landing Dynaland always has a staff member at the jump advising crew at the inrun whether its` safe to jump or not. Gifu is where its` happening,YEAH!!
  15. Theres` one more teaser this time for #9 edition of volume vid mag at www.freezeonline.com scroll down the homepage and click on the link. Enjoy!
  16. I`m trying to find a place to stay at the mo.Where you stayin` in Jindy?Suppose Perisher is the go. Never been to Thredbo and you wouldn`t bother w/Chalottes`(sp?) would ya?
  17. Yo freak,I might be making a trip down there in July you heading down there then?
  18. Yo dude I use Brastel but there must cheaper ones out there.
  19. Was speaking to the local SOS dude and he said there is still now at Norikura. Perisher isn`t looking flash yet 45cm. When does the pipe open?
  20. Mine were( in the genkan)too then finally decided to get the dirt and old wax off `em and put some new wax on.And put them in my room
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