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  1. Mog think that part you`re talking about is in SM2.Shane McConkey and some others go up to the Arctic Circle and do base jumps off huge cliffs there.
  2. There`s a part in SM3 where Jon McMurray (I think!) does a backie (without skis and snow) off a house. And over a hedge. This is the dude that does air to rails. Crazy stuff!
  3. Managed to get my hands on Ski Movie 3.The dudes from Matchstick productions put out another good flick.It`s got both big mountain and jibbing parts.Also got a good variety of locations Norway as well as the standard locations Squaw Valley,Whistler etc.Shawn Sullivans` section rips!Got a quality sound track too. Got High Society last year and was fairly much on par with that. What about Poor Boy Productions?Any good?
  4. Anyone seen any of this years` new ski or snowboard vids?Any recommendations?
  5. Yeah those fotos were taken on the Christmas/New Year trip to Hakuba.As you can see plenty of pow to be had!
  6. Anyone one else from around Nags?What is most frequented resort and why?
  7. Some of the top new school riders have left their respective sponsors and started a new company of their own called Armada.
  8. Be interesting to see what type(design) of skis these guys come out with which is better/different than the current trend.
  9. It`s all about Armada Skis,the new company that has been established by JF Cusson, JP Auclair,Tanner Hall, Boyd Easley and others.With their first lot of skis coming out mid-season.
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