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  1. Quote: is your attitude to minorities in society as a whole as repressive Not at all. Very poor dig there, Ocean11, I'm sure you could have come up with something better than that with all the apparent anger you have. On to your points concerning magazines and advertising.... I have been known to read magazines such as GQ, FHM, Stuff in my time (in the barbers of course!). Such 'lad culture' magazines all have 50 page plus "Fashion" sections full of amazing clothes and shoes that hardly any real-world lad (or anyone in their right mind) would even begin to be able to afford. 300 UKP f
  2. Yes, but we are not children. We are adults. I also agree the Niseko approach sounds good. I disagree however that the Hak approach is a direct course for resort breakdown. Far from it. Why would that be the case? Because a minority of people (yes, a minority) stay away because of their out of bounds policy? I don't think so.
  3. Quote: At Nozawa on Friday when it was snowing like hell all day, I watched an old liftie dilligently brushing off the chair before mine, even though nobody was getting on it. 4 good wipes he gave it. That's funny. I've seen it often myself.
  4. I want to do many things that I am not supposed to do. So I refrain from doing them. It is a problem for some people others on here, apparently, simply because they want to do it and feel that they have the right to do it. That is surely where the problem is being created. If you do not agree with a particular resorts policy on out-of-bounds, then it is simple to just not go there. Anyway, enough on this - I know I will get flamed quite seriously for this, not enough time to spend here - got a job to do! Cheers!
  5. Quote: all because foreigners couldn`t obey the rules and stay out of slide paths If this continues, "foreigners" are going to be banned from the slopes. Cheers mate.
  6. Quote: I seem to keep coming up with call signs that will offend if they're not addressed to an SJ person... It's good to hear that would bother you at all
  7. Quote: Anyone know where to actually buy any here in Tokyo? Quote: Ones that don't charge 5 billion yen for the pleasure? Sometimes I despair too. Reading other posts often helps. Quote: You can order baked beans directly from Heinz. 1 tray of 12 cans will cost you about 45 quid, or 8,500 yen, of which 41 quid is the cost of the transportation. So once more boys and girls, anyone know somewhere in Tokyo that sells baked beans cheaply?
  8. Yes, and that is what I am talking about (in a way). A PC card or LAN equipped notebook is also necessary. But Goemon is right - if you are talking out of your home, then you need somewhere that has a "hot spot" to be able to connect.
  9. Don't know about the hospital info, sorry, but I have wireless at home. Just an extra modem like thing on top of the usual ADSL modem. Cost about 15000 yen to setup, no extra charges on top of whatever you pay for your connection already. Basically no wires (duh!), and we can have 3 PCs online at the same time if we wish anywhere in the house.
  10. I'm dried up on sounds right now, anyone got any hot tips on good new music? Thought I'd start up a new music thread here...
  11. Seen any? It all seems rather bland the places I've been. How we all wish for the 80's again!
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