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  1. Is it just me, or are liflties in Japan totally useless...ie warming themselves by the kerosine heater, reading mags in the huts, with no concept of customer relations, or useful help????
  2. Went there 10 days ago and only top above gondola was open. Anybody know if they got the whole mountain open yet. PS matsumoto is finally looking like winter, woooweeee!
  3. but seriously, waxing is great idea but i got no room to do it. makes quite a mess of the tatami.I find Toko waxing system is pretty easy to figure out:red or yellow or red/yellow! And don't worry too much, the wrong wax is better than no wax at all!
  4. Ah the fun of it all! tahnx for comments. Personally we keep a ski tech on staff. We keep her locked in the "Harry Potter" room until its time to wax!
  5. Thanx to all who replied and I hope more to come. Theres lots of info on web, but many pages are just advertizements for their tuning and waxing products and guides. A good site for tips is www.tognar.com Anybody else who would like to see snow temps posted on resort watch to help home waxers?
  6. Thanx for replys everyone. "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"
  7. Im living in Matsumoto and need to get hooked uip with gear for this year. Any recommends for shops or swaps: Matsumoto, Nagano city, Nagoya, Tokyo. Any recommends for gear thats good for conditions here, any gear gurus around? "I want to go to shopping!"
  8. Howyis. moved here Oct 1 for the skiseason. Lovenit so far! kampai, friends
  9. greetings all. new in town, new on the board, send a hallooo!
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