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  1. Quote: Well SKI if you don't have your say then you aren't trying hard enough. Not quite sure where that fits in... Quote: Not everyone is going to get all unreasonably aggressive-there are plenty of diverse opinions here. That is of course good to hear. But as you said, "not everyone" - meaning that some very probably would. Quote: If someone was talking so much about me on the Internet, you bet I'd have something to say about it. I am sure you probably would respond - especially as an individual. But even as an individual, maybe it would be only if you felt the comments
  2. Getting all worked up and throwing the insults around again, Ocean11? You do get stressed up so very quickly. Quote: why it is so immature to hope that one day resorts will allow people a bit of freedom to ride safely where feasible in trees and deep snow within boundaries. I do not believe anyone is saying that. It is not immature to hope that resorts will allow people a bit of freedom to ride safely where feasible in trees and deep snow within boundaries. However, on the other hand, surely just getting angry and worked up about something that you do not agree with or l
  3. Quote: Anyway, the Suwa crew are going to be at 47 this weekend and we have plans to try that sick run under the quad now it's got some good snow on it. If you're riding the quad, give us a wave. Not according to some people it seems. But anyhow, I am sure they do not see it as a case of them "winning". They are not the ones starting problems.
  4. But I thought they were all innocent and can violate rules at will. Enough sarcasm for the day...
  5. I blame the following: - ski patrol; - snow resort management. They should be locked up.
  6. Can you even begin to imagine the sums of money or the operation involved you are talking about here???
  7. So these incidents don't seem to be keeping people away from Hakuba 47 then I see? Just people going there and hoping to entice the patrol into a confrontation perhaps? What any reasonable person might think of doing, NOT.
  8. Like I said in another thread. SJ themselves tell us that (I think it is) 95% of people reading the forums do not post messages - they read. What if the patrol person is not confident about writing in English? What if they decided that considering the rather aggressive nature of some of the patrol-bashers here, it is just "not worth" getting into a no-win conversation in a language they are not competent in? What if they feel that they do not particularly need to "defend themselves" at all.
  9. Quote: It's more than likely that she is told not to join in and say anything. Couldn't go having a patroller speaking for resort management now could we? Is reading and listening to people not a first step? Didn't the site people say that something like over 95% of people reading here don't post? What if he/she doesn't feel comforatable writing English? And more importantly, what if they feel that if they start writing it will just take up far too much of their valuable time, and the very high possibility that whatever they write, certain aggressive individuals will go round and roun
  10. Quote: Last there is a patroller from 47 watching this site coward who are you. Now that is just ludicrous. Where's that coming from then? A patroller is watching this site > that makes him/her a coward? How so? Perhaps they are just reading the forums like thousands of others. What makes them reading this "a coward"? On the one hand some people have often said on here that "hopefully resorts are reading this and learning about their customers", and now if they do read the forums "they are cowards"? Forgive me for being confused And f
  11. What are they supposed to do, ladies and gentleman, if someone who has once beenm "repremanded" continues to violate the rules? I am by no means saying that they should be violent (which they of course should not be), but what should they do? Isn't it primarily the person who is contining to ignore who should be stopping his actions?
  12. Quote: Yogurt, every time you deploy that gremlin, first ask yourself "do I got catgut"? Oh, OK I will do that. Thanks Quote: So, you reckon that patrol playing tough cops is going to end with everybody falling back in line do you? That could be what you're trying to imply with your favourite gremlin, but it's hard to tell. Personally I think the potential for greater violence is definitely there. Absolutely not. If you had read my posts on this issue you would know that my point is not about what the patrol are doing (that is another topic). The issue being discussed is people ha
  13. Quote: Or until someone, Japanese or foreign, punches a heavy-handed patroller right in the face and breaks their nose. Or until a heavy-handed patroller actually causes a customer an injury that requires hospitalization. Could happen any time now... Yeah, right.
  14. Quote: As for foreigners developing a bad rep- do you mean to tell me that you've been here for 8 years and you haven't detected that attitude from a large percentage of the population anyway? Davo, not picking it apart by intention, I am just interested in the issue and everyones attitueds. I don't think I have superior knowledge at all. ---That's inviting some sarcastic response from certain people! Quote: How long have you been sking at the resort in question? I have been observing the situation for 3 years and the number of people riding in the naughty zone(s) has incre
  15. Quote: Where do you draw the line SKI? I guess that's up to the individual-mine just happens to be drawn under the ropes a lot of the time. The more that people act like I do the more likely the chance there is of a more reasonable approach emerging. Where do I draw the line? Well, usually where the rules tell me to. It shouldn't really be up to the individual - that is why there are rules. If everyone flaunted rules they didn't agree with or didn't like in everyday life, it would not be nice. Quote: The more that people act like I do the more likely the chance there is of a more rea
  16. Not me, my friend, I hate them. Probably someone else (ahem - Ocean11)
  17. enderzero, I am not disagreeing with you at all. Good, constructive points.
  18. Davo, your response is also "fair enough". As the English textbooks here in Japan often say, "we are different". That's not a bad thing. I do disagree with many things and many rules laid out by whoever, but that does not mean that I should just ignore those rules and go about breaking them because of my disagreement. We would be in a whole right big mess if everyone did that. Where do you draw the line? --- where YOU think it should be drawn? I also look forward to the day, as you say, when resorts become more open and creative in their thinking. That is also not a bad thing.
  19. No red herring there, I'm afraid just a point you seem to not wish to address for whatever reason. Quote: My, you are a persistent yogurt aren't you! Look who's talking!! That makes me laugh. Quote: I fail to see the relevance of your analogy there SKI Why? Ocean11 brought the subject of magazines and marketing up in his argument, and so I belive it is relevant. Davo, yes, I pretty much live by rules. As unfashionable and uncool as that may be, but I'm at peace with that. I don't live my life stressed out with anger, unlike some people it seems. I am obviously
  20. Well that last comment says it all doesn't it? And the first comment says a lot too. Your defence is always to attack, it seems. Are you not the once cutting off the discussion? But as you seem to believe you know all about marketing as well (as everything else), please do explain to us peasants the reasoning behind those fashion sections in the magazines for the benefit of us all.... just to see perhaps if you are the one with the srings in your racquet or not?
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