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  1. Hey kids, glad to c ur not concerned bout ur ages! i thought a poll would be nice cause u dont actually have to say the direct age... good good... Caio all! btw. im 20 i dont care!!
  2. ah i c what ya getting at danz. im fine with what things have been cooked in im a very strange vego....! mmm.... i learnt how to say im a vego in japanese the other day i cant remember it for the like of me.... but that could help me hey?? Ta dude
  3. 1. sydney (by a long shot) 2. venice 3. NY and last last last on my list ever is 100000000000billionth. Paris (ICKY)
  4. Awsome ta dude. Yeah im not sure what im going to do with food i dont eat any meat not even seafood (especially not seafood!) i reckon i might have to eat chicken when we go over just to stable out the diet! mmm....!??! ta!
  5. haha ta Ocean11! oh i donno, im a fair pussy when it comes to being cold, my toes and phingers get numb pretty quick! and so's my ass when snow gets down ya pants! (my first day boarding was a nightmare!) but japan as apposed to Australia i reckon i'll be busting for toasty warm gloves... What brand socks do u guys wear? i use explorer's they are warm but not warm enuff!!!
  6. ah food.... do u think its a good for a Vego? who dosent really like rice!?!?!?!?!?! mmm.... i wanna c trendy places like an ASTRO BOY shop! nar really things are different and beautiful things you would see in anyother country.... ta deebee.
  7. Ahuh.... i got ya all.. i see what you mean... i'd still like be able to send my stuff home... jpgs are already compressed but u can use things like Stuff it (for a mac which im on) to compress a folder full of them zip and stuff it would only be an option of digital footage (mpegs) or .movs etc. have any of you managed to get a connection in any of the resorts? ta guys
  8. Heya again all.... were visiting in jaunary we have 5 days in Tokyo... where are the must see's?? or what are the must see's??
  9. Ocean11 meaning.... they dont work at all or they just drain battery power??
  10. Oh the other hand..... Is it easy to get around in Japan only speaking english?? i can ask for the toilet in japanese and thats it... "tori der wa doko deska?" -excuse the horriable spelling i would have a clue! i hope its not like france were if u dont speak their language they will snob you!?!??! whats it like English in Japan YAY OR NAY?
  11. WOYWOY! that aussie speal! man i couldnt have said it better my self! Spot on dude! On yas, ya a fair duinkum aussie!
  12. Can i just say how much better are mittens than gloves my mitttens are kicking ass, although i wanna get some mitten inners for those extra cold days!
  13. yeah thats true with the size of things but i can zip them to send... mainly would be for pics... digital equiptment in the snow....?? the batterys cant cope??
  14. Junk mail..... hotmail accounts are the worst ever! i get unbelievable amounts of junkmail, no joke 1000's in a couple of days.... the typical penis enlargement its very helpful for a female!! oh an the porn yummo!! get a Yahoo Account no junk at all! every in 2 years not onE!
  15. someone tell me whats the force pulling people to who cant sing getting up infront of a bunch of strangers and singing so outta tune that people wanna stick their fingers in there ears..... ?? Sam (not a fan of karoke)
  16. yes i admit it will be a perfect 2 weeks but hows the thought of filming ur self snowboarding going back to ur place editing it and sending it home!? i know my family would appreciate it! Just a thought at the moment anyways! Thanks Yalll!!!
  17. Yeah im an Aussie as u all know... woywoy.. good to see that there is people close to home i live bout oh 5mins (not even) from manly! so chuck another prawn on the barbie!
  18. Cool ta, hotmail is fine i have an account but i'd like to be able to send home photos i have a digital video camera so maybe even footage. thats y having a lap top would be good. GOL was expensive?
  19. mmm... odd... if you wanted to find out what was fun bout it well y didnt u just ask? in the mean time, you dont have to be cold just get warmer clothes.... you dont have to get up early get an arvo run its cheaper (in australia it is anyways) you dont have to get wet, just practice and u wont fall... SIMPLE AS THAT! click of da fingers!
  20. Another one! im a chick-boarder! and Aussie chick! -sam (or as u boys may think sam?? mmm... short for samantha)
  21. Hey all, myself and my boy are going to Niseko in Januray for 2 weeks. we were wondering what local internet connections are like? If we took laptops can we connect at a local cafe or can you by pre-paid internet set-ups? Its much cheaper to keep in contact with home this way....! if anyone knows please let me know! Thanks guys! sam.
  22. G'day! .... again.... just to let you all know that us OZZIES are AUSSIES not OZZIES! were Australian, there for AUSSIES!! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE.... OI, OI, OI!
  23. Along with boots the most important for a newie is WRIST GUARDS! believe me youll appreciate them when you fall (assuming that you do! as a newie you'll proberly have a few stacks) Cummfy boots and easy bindings... if you get the fiddley bindings that take for ever to do up you'll wanna quit! i recommend FLOW bindings no clicky straps just one back heel click, its simple you just flick them up and your done. so remember WRISTIES cummmmfy boots and easy bindings.... (have a look at the injuires thread) Be safe!
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