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  1. ah huh, why do want to move to japan? i would be unreal but i wouldnt want to full time i'd like 6mths here 6mths there.... that would be good!
  2. hey Emu where in Australia are you?? Im in Sydney... going to Japan for a hoilday in January...
  3. Hey all... Whats you differences.... in Australia.... Chips are a packet of chips (ie. Smiths Thins BBQ/S & V/chicken flavor etc) French Fries or Fries are more commonly known as Hot Chips (ie. somthing you'd get at maccas or KFC) Crisps...?? i think thats a pommie thing...? Wedges are like a wedge of potato - hot. Potato Chips tend also to be Hot chips? What is it all in your own countrys. *bored sam!*
  4. I know pleanty of people that hate macs! They are MAC-O-FOBIC! Thats half the reason that im mac mac mac.... lots of people wouldnt give them a second thought but they r really got machines they are faster than you general PC... Pcs are good (i wouldnt right off a pc i would rite of Windows but windows = trouble) a PC is good for Office programs and word processing etc.... macs were made for design software but they are can funtion just as quickly with office programs were as pcs strugle with design software unless you have a top of the line PC.... a mac gets the best
  5. Hey all, I was wondering what the sporting equiptment is like in Japan i there many sports shops.... Not Snow gear.... for instance im specificaly after Softball gear? i know Japan has a pretty good softball team but is there local sports shops or is there local softball competitions etc?? Thanks YALL! sammmo
  6. Its not an Aussie thing just a silly american thing..... mind you have attacted a pumkin its pretty fun!
  7. Ok i gather this topic is bout whos Hot and whos Not ?? but what dose....Who's your "taipu"? mean? *sam an Australia who knows how to ask were the toilet is in japanses an thats it!*
  8. mmm... still cant go past fresh bread toasted with vegitmite.... and occasionly with cheese grilled on top of that.... of toast with Heniz Spaggettttiii...... Or or or or or on a H O T summer morning a MANGO! YUMMO!!.... i think i'll go have a mango now.... yumm....
  9. mmm... i dont like seafood in fact im a vego deebee, you should experiment with a roast dinner and bbq chicken and salads and yumm.... yeah i reckon you should get a bbq they make everything taste nice! or go the some tofu!
  10. they all S U C K.... sorry all but dont you think soccer is a pussy sport? they fall over have a cry and then do a little drama act to get themselves a penaltiy goal and blah blah blah.... The english soccer league is by far the most popular i would think??? go the RUGBY LEAUGE!
  11. Miff has converted. See it is possiable... you just have to give it a try. Macs Rock! miff you running OS X.2? or OS 9?? im on 9 havent made the move yet!
  12. i got a thought for ya DONT GET A PC! they suck but! get a MAC, have you seen the mac laptops?! they are so much nicer! they are sleek and stylish and they are soooooooooo much more powerful! i live on macs they kick pcs buts in every way! get a APPLE MACINTOSH! YEEEHHHAAR
  13. Raury he dakine ones have grippy rubber on the palm and just "waterproof" material. i wear a small which are still a little big but i wear dakine wristies underneath perfect fit!
  14. Thats a challenge.... it takes me like 5 mins to get my laces done up right!!!! mmm.... we'll have to see!
  15. mmm... foot rests are good but.... im goofy and drew is natural so if i sit on the wrong side of him we get our boards hooked together and it gets very anoying cause one can catch on top of the other when ya hop off.... and then a certain someone uses me as a pushing post!!
  16. POWWERS! Man thats an effort..... and i imagine you'd have extra layers on during the night too!! well done *CLAP CLAP*
  17. nar danz we have the Salvos in Australia i thought they were a world wide thing? mmm...??? the salvos are one of the biggest no-profit orgs over here.
  18. Sweet night riding with decent snow! im with drew theres no way i'll ever pay for a night pass here in Australia cause the snow is crap house!? i dont even like the thought of it! It would be all Icey and Ouchies to fall on and crusty snow... HANGING For night snowboarding and the gondalas in NISEKO
  19. are the gondalas the same as a cable car?? mmm... that will be a nice change to the australia crappy quads with a nice big drop at the bottom with a pile of people stacked and you have to stack on top of them.... or better than the pretty valley double chairs that swing you around like nothing else and then have to land on a 1 mtr wide bit of snow with wood either side... i found the easiest way off to be by stacking... * it also helps to remember to take the bar keeping you in to pop it up so your not stuck in the chair.... woopies! *
  20. yeah i dont think we'll bother with the net i dont think it will be worth it but meh it was just a thought.
  21. ah cool yeah i didnt really think of that hey... i donno just thought you might be able to get them i mean we gave them away in our video store!? mmm... gather there not as common in japan!?
  22. anything besides tee bars! I got the sh!ts so bad with falling off the tee bars i WALKED up the mountain.... just ask drew he'll tell ya! I really like the sound of the gondala they sound Awsome cant wait to try one of them.... we have mainly quad and double chairs with really ruff landings like were you get off some you drop to the ground and some you have to skate along a narrow gap bout oh.... 1 metre wide for 2 people! Im hanging for japans gondalas..... beware if you ever come to australia of the dreaded TEE BARS! or i hear J Bars are even worse!
  23. SO.... can u get internet prepaided CD kits in japan? you can get them over here you just buy a CD or sometimes they are given away and they give you 20 free hours or you pay and get the CD and internet time! do you have them?
  24. hey barok.... do those gloves have like "built in" wrist guards? never heard of impact gloves?
  25. Tut Tut tut ocean11! mind you the people that work there were prolly only working there for the same reasons! hehahe thats the Pizza S l u t (sorry kids) crew.... i work at video ezy and get get video s l e e z y so i can understand the pain! but the relationship thing long distance never works...? but different languages i donno that could be hard but kinda interesting youd certainly learn the other language to know what they were moaning or groaning! but i reckon its cool! i have never tryed it but thats cause im a happy little vegemite with drew (sno
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