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  1. The stadiums seem to be fuller now, does anyone know of ways to still get tickets at all?
  2. Some superb riding to be had down here. I'm going to miss much of it this year to go to the heat in Japan! But definitely worth a look.
  3. Thanks for the advice, folks big help. Seems like October is the time when it cools down.
  4. I will be in Japan in late summer, September actually. For a country that seems to get tons of snow, it's hard to believe it can get so hot - but that's what I have heard. What's the deal then, anyone kind enough to let it be known?
  5. Not yet. Will be from September. Yes! Currently in Singapore.
  6. Never been to Japan, but will be in September. Can't wait. Especially if I can see the bears, giraffes, lions and tigers while I ski. Skied for the last 8 years.
  7. Any tigers, lions of - my faves - giraffes??
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