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  1. Been there, nothing special. Some good long runs and nice onsen at the bottom. Near Shiga Kogen, but not (ie cant get there in the winter, but just on the other side of the same mountains.)
  2. For a number of reasons, my best day this season was at Naeba. It wasn't busy at all and 40cm of snow the previous evening. Superb conditions and in the afternoon the sun was out. Just awesome. The next day tried out Dragondola going over the Tashiro - talk about a long ride, something like 15 minutes.
  3. I really like Nozawa, but my intermediate level friend doesn't. He says the runs are either tooooo easy or tooooo difficult for him to enjoy the resort as a whole. Kind of see what he means. But a nice hill and village - one of my faves in Japan.
  4. Hi I'm Jane and just found this site today, can't believe I didn't know before. Crazy, but my Japanese friend told me about it! Anyway, I am a lady snowboarder too, so count me in!
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