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  1. Havent been but plan to go to Mizuho Highland, think its actually in Shimae prefecture but still close to Hiroshima. The Geihoku places are popular too.
  2. I didnt mean to defend NHK really....and certainly not vehemently (like I give a toss)....to be honest, when I first came to Japan and was single, I did all the "sorry I dont speak Japanese", "yo no hablo ingles", ignoring the doorbell etc stuff. Since then I married Mr Anal when it comes to abiding laws and stuff (apart from that he's lovely really) and I suppose some of it has rubbed off a bit or maybe I've just chilled out. Also I like playing devils advocate. But I did think it harsh of Ocean to call them.....what was it - creepy rude people - or something similar....they're just norma
  3. Ocean, you know thats not the way it works whether you are in the Uk or here.
  4. Pay some creepy rude people????? they are doing their job and I think when we but a tv, in Britain the same as in japan, we have to respect that they want us to pay a bbc tv license or in japan, the nhk bill. The creepy, rude people must have a hell of a time with everyone hating them, lying to them, refusing to open the door, abusing them etc........noone does that to the gas man, the leccie guy, the newspaper person. Yes, we may not like all or much of what nhk has to offer but its what we essentially are agreeing to when we purchase a tv in japan. I'm not a goody 2 shoes that doesnt br
  5. yes, all the D ones eg D504 etc are Mitsubishi, with F being Fujitsu etc
  6. will buy new mitsubishi keitai on 1st Aug. Looks great and even has a memory card.
  7. Toshiba Dynabook with Harman/kardon speakers for me at home and Toshiba Portege for work. Not a prob yet........touch the proverbial wood.
  8. Just back from Space World in Kita Kyushu. Titan was a great ride....Had me screaming (and the rest of the people on it) from start to finish. They had another good ride - venus and I got soaked on their 2 water rides. Had fun!
  9. Docomo for me....u can change the setting so u dont get emails from computers - that eliminates the weird ones coz they all send from PCs - if anyone wants to email me from a computer they send it to my home pc. Mitsubishi are bringing out a new docomo phone in July/Aug which has a camera and is supposed to be much better than the Sharp one. CNN had all world cup info for free. Wish Japan would make a phone cum MP3 player cum Palm Pilot cum coffe maker cum foot massage cum hot water bottle cum.......
  10. cant believe Korea beat Spain. They did really well, but once again a few dubious decisions and disallowed goals. How far will they go?
  11. This made me chuckle.... Homegrown hooligan headache by FIFAworldcup.com Click to enlarge photo Japan's elaborate preparations to counter the threat of hooliganism began months before the big event. Anxious to make a good impression with their crisis management expertise, the Japanese authorities embarked on a comprehensive campaign to ensure that the FIFA World Cup would be free of violence. The police organised drill after drill at all hours of the day and night, and announced security measures developed especially to deal with hooligans. Overseas hooligans, of course, be
  12. What do you mean OO? As realistic as France going out with no goals in the first round, Argentina out then too, Senegal debuting and doing so well and they're still in it, Italy almost going out, Portugal out, Korea and japan doing as well as they have so far, Ireland taking Spain to penalties, etc, etc, etc. If there's one thing that HAS been consistent, it's that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.
  13. I can't believe Ireland missed 4 penalties in this match. My heart was in my mouth. The ONLY conselation (sp?) is that I'll get to see sexy Morientes in the next round. Bad luck Ireland!
  14. Managed to get into the ticketing website finally. Gave credit card details, chose venue and match, had a green light for 2nd round in Oita (Senegal Vs Sweden, but it'd do), input names, passport numbers, date of birth, chose ticket types and got prices......thought I'd scored.....and then the site crashed again, and all I had was this little message saying my tickets would be reserved for 6 minutes - I couldn't get back in!! I really thought I'd bought 2 tickets!!! What's with that? Anyone similar experiences?
  15. What about the UK yahoo site. Until yesterday, the main headline was still that England beat Argentina. And that match was a few days ago. I think every country is guilty of overkill due to patriotism, especially the underdogs. I'm sure if Scotland ever won the world cup (or anything for that matter- including Bingo at Largs), we'd never let anybody hear the end of it. Countries that win all the time may think it's overkill, 'coz they forget their countries wins right away - they lose their importance 'coz theres so many wins to be proud of. I digress, but my point is, that countries
  16. What exactly is it I did/said that you consider wrong?
  17. Not a great game but the result counts. Here we go, here we go, here we go!!! Omedetou!
  18. 'Coz it certaintly ain't cool or attractive. Like one of those slap skates upside down. Michael "I'm still a nipper" Owen on the other hand, looks luvverly with hi short back and sides.
  19. No, you can't beat a convertible in the summer, can you Nofakie, though I almost considered trading it in for a 4wd during the winter. Live in Hiroshima and with lots of ski-jos here, I'm trying to@persuade hubbie we need a Harrier or a Land Cruiser as well. Now I'm glad I've got the cabriolet though............Pump it up!!!
  20. As you're obviously out enjoying the match and the after match celebrations. IN-GER-LAND WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a performance! Especially partial to that little whippersnapper, Michael Owen. Congrats from a Scot, nonetheless.
  21. New Golf Cabriolet - all mod cons. My Baby!
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