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  1. You have GOT to be kidding Ocean11??!!?! ....just wanted to provoke a response, yeah. Well, if that is not the case, please enlighten me to their finer points? (They can sing??! OMG!) Don't want this thread to go downhill rapidly, lets keep it abouve board!
  2. 1 Quite big, but drop any attitude and you are nearly there 2 Definitely cash 3 ? 4 Right in the center of the city, the main boulevard or whatever they call it.
  3. Isn't it going to have to be Ayumi this year, she seems to dominate everywhere else? Thank god it's not Puffy!
  4. Good morning folks. Best drink? That enery drink that has the phallic symbol on the front - can't remember the name....
  5. That made me laugh, and Im a skier too. Just you wait, snowboarding will be "out" of fashion in a while and skiing will rise once again! I can feel the heat from the flames aleady.
  6. Last se.ason not so often, but I was surprised to see how many messages where on the board right now. Much more than last season. Thats good news for fun, but bad news for my phone bill. Dont have high speed access where I am yet, so its dial up all the way dez
  7. Skier....love Shiga, Nozawa and Happo. Awesome website - great to see the thing coming alive
  8. I always choose Shiga over Hakuba. Im a skier and I love the way the resorts at Shiga are all linked and it covers such a wide area.
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