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  1. here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here
  2. F1 lost any appeal it had more than a few years back IMO
  3. Checking out for the 1st time in a long while - kinda surprised to see somuch action. Good to be back after a hard few months - personal shIt goin on and the like. Saitama is by far the best city in Japan!
  4. Can someone post some of that here - that link isn't working right now....thanks
  5. Got to agree with you about the lift placement danz ......the old "owned by 200 different companies who don't want to cooperate and work together" Japan-only problem!
  6. Excellent first run of the season today in Hakuba (Tsugaike). Snow dumping all round, but great to be out there. Must be about 50cm since yesterday fall, first real dump of the season. Gonna try out Happo tomorrow. Get out there!
  7. Well that is an education. How far from the city is it?
  8. Skiing in New York state??? Seriously? (Not American, sorry!)
  9. Zao is a great place. Wide mountain, good snow in season, great variety of runs, the Snow monster things, loads of onsen, good vibes in the village. Similar to Nozawa in many ways. A good experience, you should try it. Wrap up well though coz it can get VERY cold.


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