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  1. The banned entry on the Chuck Norris random fact generator: All your base are belong to Chuck Norris.
  2. Ocean, Consider looking up: www.coiler.com Excellent boards, and Bruce Varsava deals with each custom order personally. At US$460 they're comparable to most production boards anyway.
  3. Hakuba. If only for its accessibility. If I were living midway b/w Nagano and Sapporo then the comparison would more fair. (Or I might just go to Zao).
  4. Quote: Originally posted by htor: snow city???? Its a little indoor ski slope in Singapore.
  5. Quote: Originally posted by lin: So does that mean that the first person who goes down a potential mogul run is going down ungroomed deep snow?? Not necessarily. The snow could be groomed, but of sufficient depth to lay tracks. When it snows again, skiiers would just cut new tracks into the existing grooves. Whatever gets sprayed just piles up on the sides, forming the bumps you see. You'll normally find half a slope left ungroomed for bump skiing.
  6. Greetings fellow Singaporean. Moguls tend to form on steeper slopes by skiers making frequent turns instead of gunning down the fall line. The natural rhythm of mogul skiing only serves to further cut tracks in the snow. PS: Have you been to snow city?
  7. Quote: Originally posted by badmigraine: I recommend the tacos at the stall near the big map/escalators at Echigo Yuzawa Station. I second that! Was coming back from Naeba one cold January evening, and saw lots of ppl slurping some soup which smelled really good. I couldn't resist and had a bowl. Yeah, it was good if you don't mind the assorted organ meat in it.
  8. Here goes: Boards: '98 K2 Eldorado 163, '99 Burton Supermodel 168 '97 Burton Alp 157 Bindings: Preston LX Burton 3 strap from '95 Burton Step-in race Boots: Burton Drifters Burton Reactor Burton Freecarve Gloves: Ride-something or other. I'm constantly burning holes in my gloves from carving.
  9. 90% board, 10% ski. I enjoy carving with hard boots though. Must be the ski influence.
  10. On riding switch and fakie. When you ride fakie, you're set up to ride in the opposite direction. e.g. if you ride regular riding fakie is when you're riding goofy but with your bindings set up to ride regular. Riding switch is when you set your binding angles to ride goofy, following the said example above. Yes, there's a difference. Terje Haakonsen won the Baker Banked Slalom riding switch. While quite an accomplishment, his binding angles were optimised for riding switch, not fakie as most ppl assume.
  11. Hi, Self-explanatory. Am hoping that they're on the same JR line back towards Nagano. If not, where do I switch trains to get to SK? Any help would be appreciated. Rgds, Kelvin.
  12. Sounds like you ppl are all looking fwd to deep pow in Niseko. Wonder if it'll get deep in Feb. Am planning a 2 week long trip to Japan. My main board is a 3 year old k2 Eldo 164, although I do step up to a supermodel 168 in deep pow. Oh yeah, I weigh 68kg.
  13. On all but 2 runs last year, I heard. I can't imagine them reverting back to their old policy though.
  14. I have used Camelbacks down to -5deg C, and the liquid has not frozen so far. Probably due to the camelback's insulation and the lowered freezing point of the drink of choice. They are a pain to clean and flush though.
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