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  1. Stayed at Mitsumata lodge...lovely lady owner, tasty food..get a phrasebook, learn some Japanese and be respectful and you will have a super time riding Kagura....
  2. Thanks Onehunga. I'm in Myoko at the moment. Here on holiday so looking for an online avenue to advertise them... They are split board specific boots with a Vibram sole so I think if I can post a picture I'll have a bit more chance of selling them. They are pretty much brand new just too big for me unfortunately.. Otherwise excellent for riding... In Japan for another month so I'm sure I'll find a 27.0 pair of feet keen to buy them... I will take a look in Book Off.. Do you know if the Hard Off shops sell snow gear at all?
  3. I would like to sell my near new Fitwell split-board specific boots- unfortunately they are too big for me- any ideas of where one can advertise..I've been searching high & low
  4. Can't load up your photo but we saw a big a steel pipe and wondered about the tunnels underneath...pretty mean infrastructure in these parts.
  5. Not surprised that went..spent a week here recently and already had a crown wall from a previous slide
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