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  1. the average punter does what 10-15 days max a season? of course someone who skis 100+ days a year will go through gear almost every season/2 seasons. i destroyed my deeluxe spark boots in 30 days last year splitboard mountaineering
  2. snowboards have advanced miles in the last 3-5 years let alone 10! just look at the range of splitboards available now. my oldest peice of kit would have to be an old beanie or something,
  3. bodyweight/weighted squats, hill sprints, kettlebells, pullups, running during offseason. snowboard during season.
  4. topped my previous trip with this last one of the season. out to the western faces.
  5. cheers guys. added some more spots to research. ill make sure to trip report these spots if i get to them. is there anything mustsee/interesting/noteworthy to check out in terms of tourism etc on the way up to hakkoda from around fukushima
  6. Doing a bit of research for the upcoming season. I'm living in the car again but trying to guage if its worth it to drive up to Hakkoda. Thoughts on which area has the best backcountry terrain on Honshu besides Hakuba. Maybe I've overlooked an area too.
  7. ah english dry slopes...brings back horrible memories of the uk
  8. yes noticably, its 8cm longer than the spliff yet 500grams lighter. my buddy has the hovercraft split and we swapped a foot each and the difference is huge. will pay off on long multiday tours.
  9. Oz get rid of the stickers and give the deck a polish with mister sheen on The Spliff Family Tree and you might sell it easier saying that after all the use it got you could just give it away for free Whats the new board ? thanks for the advice, ill do that. i bought a jones ultracraft. very impressed with it so far.
  10. japan = arguably the best place in the world to snowboard. australia = arguably the worst place in the world to snowboard. (especially if you're paying for lift tickets $120AUD/day this year) but snowboarding in australia>japan at this particular time of the year
  11. Did a weekend first week July to sort out my new splitboard/setup. Back down this again this weekend.
  12. tough to pick one. good memories in japan rishiri island summiting yotei solo greenland summiting 2 unnamed peaks tentbound in 200kmh winds iceland everything
  13. just wanted to share that during a beacon test in greenland with my team that my old bca tracker was by far the worst performing beacon compared to everyone elses new ones. im definitely upgrading to a newer one.
  14. im in israel now just hanging out with the gf here are some of the scenes from around iceland. we drove 3500km all the way around, every hour or two the scenery completely changes and its just jaw dropping stuff. the amount of skiing available is truly unbelievable.
  15. between 50-60. the last 40 or so have been in the backcountry. pretty sure my resort days are over.
  16. skiing doesnt stop til june here. then southern hemisphere winter starts.....
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