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  1. hello guys... we planned to get niseko and furano this feb. could i get info which the best way to acces this 2 resort? most the googling result is need to transfer at chitose or sapporo. is any direct access? direct bus from niseko-furano? anybody done before? love this forum!
  2. yes.. i will stay in sapporo before go to niseko. so i think better go from sapporo station than chitose..am i right? or i must go from airpot because no bus ticket at sapporo station? i'm planning going by BUS.. not the train.. as i know everybody suggest by bus. so now i collect the information for bus+lift package.. is it easy to get bus+lift package at sapporo station?
  3. Apa kabar pak pete.. Will be ready for board from sapporo station at noon. Arround 2pm. And must go back from niseko to sapporo at 2 pm to. Is any return bus ticket that valid for 3 day + 1 days ski package? So far searching on web, only found same days package for 1 days lift ticket. Or better just get it on spot. Is it often full booked? Terima kasih banyak pak pete...
  4. wow..terima kasih pete.. so i dont need to book in advance? i will go from sapporo station to niseko.. are there many bus ticket counter over there? i saw the white liner web.. there is a special offer..4500 for return bus + ski lift. but i think it must be use at same day?? because for 2 day package the price became 14.000... because i stay only for 2 night, i wonder which package more suittable.... day 1 arrive, day 2 ski all day..day 3 back to sapporo..... any recomend? many thanks guys.. thanks pete...
  5. what the best package for niseko at 1 febuary? i stay at hilton niseko for 2 night , but dont have yet the return bus ticket and lift tickets. which one the best offer? where to get? many thanks
  6. how about gala yuzawa?? for 2013 season, which resort offer the best value train + lift package??
  7. so from the top.. we can just walk to choose where we ski down? (there are 4 track?? annupuri,village,hirafu dan hanazono?) and at the base there is a free bus?? and how about this offer? http://www.niseko.ne.jp/en/otoku.html can i use the round trip ticket at different date? look like best offer for all mountain niseko...
  8. unfortunately,,,my japanese almost zero... only few hiragana..hehehe any english web that i can browse? or just ask at the midori mado guchi? what JR view mean??
  9. any cheap package for yuzawa area? the shinkansen+ski lift for day trip?? where to find? plan to ski at yuzawa before heading to niseko this febuary.. thanks guys...
  10. hehehe.. i mean how to get to hilton niseko from sapporo.. there are several bus + skilift package... which one better? and how to get hirafu area from niseko village? is it possible for begginer to ski from the top of niseko village to hirafu base area?
  11. will be stay at hilton niseko for 2 night (4-6 feb) yeah yeahh i know.. 2 days is not enough for sure.... now i'm looking for buses and lift ticket.. why the 1 day package (roundtrip + skilift at 4500) is more more cheaper than 2 day package? (at 14.000) any recomendation which package to book?? which one better? whiteliner?? chuo buses?? donan buses?? or just looking at the sapporo station travel agent?? i'm staying at hilton niseko.and beginner is it possible for beginner to take the lift to the top from niseko village and ski down to hirafu area?? many thanks folks...
  12. thank mr muika.(very nice pic of maiko).....and last question for this topic.. the rank for child suitable resort in yuzawa area are?? 1.maiko 2.iwappara 3.nakazato isnt it?? how to rank 3 of them?? or the nakazato should be number 1 for family oriented resort?
  13. how about the naeba? is it children friendly? got large snow park for kids? by total review here.. naeba got many reviewer.. is hard to get naeba? got a shutle bus, is the bus often ready? wait for long? because i need to do day trip from tokyo..
  14. yeahhh..its december... yuzawa nakazato. iwappara.. joetsu kokusai maiko.... still not sure which one better for taking kids on this 16 december... hoping for strong recomendation here... thank for very usefull snowjapan and snowdude here hehehe
  15. several resort note on their website that will open on 15 december. yuzawa nakazato, maiko, joetsu kokusai... which ones more suit for kids? how about iwappara? can anybody tell me when it open? (i cannot read japanese on their web) http://www.iwa-ppara.com/ so sad i cannot get to sapporo on december but i'm dreaming to get sapporo on february ... hehehe many thanks folks...
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