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  1. Very interesting thread. I know none of them of course, but fun all the same. I'm impressed with the knowledge on here!
  2. What's the reason for that? Surely if it is a popular place then there will be a lot of people around?
  3. Yes I had read that on here. Partying isn't important though, though of course somewhere lively is good. Is it quiet even weekends?
  4. Hiya moon sausage here New here, well have lurked a while and now that we are going to get to Japan thought I would join in. Going to get to Japan in January. The plan is time in Tokyo with friend, go up to Zao in Yamagata and perhaps get out to Niigata as well as it is so convenient from Tokyo. My friend has been to Nozawa in Nagano and wondering how it compares for those who have been to both. Thanks!
  5. I'm on "nonce" as well. That should change late January though. Seems a long way off.
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