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  1. I like Kakashi. Ate at the Vale last Feb, that was pricey but nice. Here is a good guide: http://www.powderhounds.com/Japan/Hokkaido/Niseko/Food-Nightlife.aspx As far as bars go, nothing beats a beer machine, a bucket filled with snow and a nice quiet onsen. Without a doubt the worst bar in Niseko is the Pow bar, what a complete bunch of dolts filled that place last time I was there.
  2. Smith IO here too - love them! Zero fogging issues. I wear contacts as well
  3. Looks great snow junky, I'm booked into villa nozawa mid-feb: any particular restaurant recommendations?
  4. You will love it. Even if you think it will be quiet, maybe pre-book some restaurants regardless. Kakashi is a must (Hirafu upper village). Unsure where you are staying, but if you are dropping the kids into ski school in Hanozono then you are primed for hitting Strawberry Fields early. Have fun
  5. I'm booked. 5 days Hakuba (mid-Feb) followed by 5 in Nozawa Onsen. Wow, I might even do something 'cultural' this time (do Snow Monkey's count? ;-)
  6. Well, I've just booked in. 5 days Hakuba, 5 in Nozawa Onsen. 4th trip to Japan for me and the first on Honshu. I was pretty happy see how much cheaper it is this time.
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