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  1. Sweet MitchPee. My season ended in May this year, since then work has gone off the scale.
  2. I reckon time will do it's good deed in terms of people's image of Japan. A few of my friends asking though whether it's really ok for me to go next February. I look at them with a WFT atitude, but hey it's what some people are thinking.
  3. I have a few pair of Oakley with prescription lenses. Wouldn't leave home without them!
  4. That's a mighty change. Was only looking at that the other day with one eye on a visit in February.
  5. First time family holiday in Whistler. After that at college with a bunch of buddies, had to be the wildest few weeks of my life.
  6. I'm visiting in February. Not made firm plans yet as I need to sort work things out but hope to get 3 weeks. Still not decided on which area either. Too much choice!
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