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  1. Have only tried stiff boots, but would like to try a softer pair one day. But I wouldn't want to give up that responsiveness of stiff boots! Still in my Northwave Legends after having them 100+ days on the mountain. Still super responsive. Tried on a pair of Burton Ion the other week, but they felt soft compared to my Northwaves, even after all those years! I think they might actually outlast me, seriously. Maybe I should ride harder
  2. Went to a popular resort in Norway a few weeks ago, and I would say the ratio was the opposite. 1 out of 20 was without helmet, probably fewer. And this at a time when only the wide and easy trails were open, and off-piste + black runs were unaccessible due to lack of snow. Good to see such safety concern I guess, but back country/powder riding is so in right now, and I'm guessing a lot of trend sensitive scandinavians want to profile themselves as somewhat more adventurous than they actually are...
  3. I would go as far as saying helmets are fashionable! At least in scandinavia where I'm from
  4. Thanks MikePow for all the great reporting and pictures! Going to Niseko in a couple of days and getting more excited by the minute!
  5. Brilliant stuff Mitch! Makes me wanna buy a ticket and fly right back! Battling with serious hokkaido powder withdrawal symptoms at the mo...
  6. I did some reasonable pre-season training once, mainly going to the gym for leg and cardio workout. I thought I was doing well, but then i decided to strap into my snowboard at home and do some indoor jumping about (on top of a few towels to protect the floor!). Basically balancing and bouncing on one tip of the snowboard, with the other end in the air, then popping and landing on the other and back again etc. And MAN my legs hurt the day after!! So I think you actually need to do the real thing to reach those muscles you simply don't use otherwise. Or, I suck at gym training, which is very
  7. Thanks so much for all the info, very helpful! I actually found a ticket all the way from home to Sapporo (chitose), bypassing Tokyo, which makes it simpler, and it turned out about 36,000 yen cheaper! It's with Japan airlines. Going to call some accommodations on new years day, hope the phones are staffed... If I can find a decent living below 5,000 yen per night, I'm definitely going!! I'm wondering if I should just spend a few days at Niseko Grand Hirafu, and also try somewhere else reasonably nearby, if there is one. I'm mostly after the untouched snow, so I prefer a less cr
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm new to this site. A snow enthusiast from sweden, and have been riding for about 6 years. Started quite late at 29 for some reason, but one day I simply thought to myself to give snowboarding a go, and have been in love ever since! Now, I've been thinking of going to Japan for a few years, but it has never happened. But now i found a reasonably cheap flight to Tokyo and hope you guys might be able to help me with some questions i have. The problem is, i looked for flights yesterday, and the flight is this monday (3rd of january), so that gives me two or three days t
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