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  1. If you really want to do this Hakuba and Nozawa both have clubs you should contact them.
  2. Got off work early and went for a lap. Hit a few of my go to stashes and they were deep. Still lots of holes in runouts quite dangerous if you are really carefull and thinkign about collapsing snow.
  3. Found a web cam picture might be worth a shot. The name is on the tip of my tongue but..... the place in Nigata that closes and opens for spring grrrr!!!
  4. Still very spring like for the start of the season thus the bigger mountain ranges will suck it in a bit more. Tateyama would be nutters about now. What about Hakkaisan they are maybe getting heeps?
  5. tubby this is the pattern this year that hits the high ranges first happens every 5 years or so. This system though should nuke most of Yukiguni yours is on the way!!!
  6. That picture was taken today in the morning. 2 different friends hiked up above the lifts and both got 1000vert meters of fast pow. Needless to say im a bit jealous,,,,, bt I have 5 half days in a row from tomorrow! That picture was from kurobishia about 1600 meters up. Tons of snow at that level and up this year. The bottom well lets ust say thats impossible.
  7. It was an awesome morning really for views gotta love the pink in the morning. Lots of snow as well. I had to teach 5 classes bummer.
  8. You can ride down to the skyline at the moment. There is lots of snow from mid mountain up. the upper areas 40 cms above the lifts maybe 30 new to around 1000 meters depending on aspect.
  9. Oh I now have 3 on me maybe more but you are going to have to wait a bit. I have talked about your situation and it looks positive. How can I get in touch with you? I cant lnk my addy on here.
  10. Was a bit of snow up ther today in the morning. Icy roads and an awesome sunrise very pink today. The forcast looks good I think for a full blown storm. Ill get my kids out this weekend for sure they are itching to get out of the house on the weekends.
  11. Ill check back here every so often for sure. I will ask mammut this week about cans.
  12. I have a hook up with mammut for a test center in Hakuba. I may have extra cans for you but I wont know for about 2 weeks as mammut are trying many different ways to get cans into the country. I dont think a scuba shop will refill your can but you should give it a try. You may need an adaptor. Im a bit too busy with 2 jobs one teaching english but you can pm me and ill give you my email or facebook.
  13. This may have been linked but here is a good start.http://beaconreviews.com/transceivers/
  14. Here is a link to the crown wall investigation http://nadare.jp/2013/11/131123.html
  15. Everywhere in Japan is super busy this season the only thing that could damage that is Fukashima. There really isnt an us vs them anymore because people understand more about what they are buying into. Many of the big Niseko companies are filtering down south too looking to get in at lower rates like the early Niseko days. So many changes really and you cant under play the importance that Niseko has played in that.
  16. Hey ger it is Japan when it starts to snow then there is always fresh. Nozawa is a good place I wouldnt stop going there if you like it. You know me I spend most of my days mucking around in the alpine when it is safe. Hakuba is the gold standard in Japan for terrain snow mix. It doesnt do all things best but you cant beat the balanace of easy access alpine pistes and trees. There is nowwhere is japan that offers the scale. Still Nozzle trees are very very epic when safe. Try to come up in March during the school break and ill go sking with you. All you need are boots. I have extra everything
  17. looks like some cold southeast storm is brew that should be enough to get the stoke out for the weekend. Storms building now dying off Sat morning
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