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  1. Read something similar today in the papers here (UK). I am just about starting to consider a trip to Japan. It's looking expensive though. I hear the exchange is about 25% worse for me than it was just a year ago. That 25% would make a considerable difference - one between a go or not.
  2. Yes, me too. Not many places left like this in the world, that I know of anyway. It sounds like it will be a refreshing change. Are the signs of this changing or will it remain the place it is now?
  3. Another great thread with some awesome photos. Thanks. The places I want to go are being inked in by some of these visuals
  4. I don't know where it is or where it would fit into a trip at the moment but...... this place looks awesome. I want to go there. Thanks/
  5. Fairly new to skiing. Started 3 winters ago in Switzerland then spend 2 weeks in France this last winter. Keen to get more in and keen to get to Japan too.
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