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  1. the taisetsuzan range has a base now-- I was up on asahidake at the bottom of the ropeway just to hit the onsen and take a look around last week, about 10cm in the parking lots-- its going to be a killer year-
  2. From the movie "Realtime" this clip was all filmed on Asahidake- Hokkaido
  3. in Hokkaido... depends on what you want to ski-- Asahidake/ Kitataisetsu (an old ski hill in the middle of nowhere with one seater lifts.. cheap, and awesome if you jump off-piste (skiers right)) for some potential powder- Kurodake if you dig hiking-- other than that furano is still in full(ish) swing that time of year.
  4. this past season, for the first half I had been skiing on some head mojo60 177 skis-- they were good, but the lift wasnt what I wanted.. So I grabbed some year old Armada ANT skis- 191cm (one size)-- great lift, long, big skis.. and very, very fast. they are great on groomers, they get a lot of lift and control in the deep powder. due to their size, they dont do short turns, and handle terribly at slow speeds. but once they get up to speed they handle perfectly.. very precise. I suppose the problem with them and me is that I am only 179cm tall, and light... these skis are real big,
  5. yeahh for all the average days ive had this year.. I have had a few really really awesome days. cant complain all in all.
  6. yoo well its my first post. I live in Hokkaido, dead center near Asahikawa, at the foot of Asahidake. this has been my second season. This year definitely lacked the snowfall and cold that last year had. Typically, we get a good base (ground-level) by mid december, and it snows every day until feb, then it gets reallly cold. we didnt get a good base until christmas(ish)-- and we had a few days of rain through january, and only a few good storms. honestly last year, from december till febuary I only remember seeing the sun 3-4 times. this year it was sunny quite a bit. that being
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