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  1. Good luck with that Come to think of it, it's no surprise you can't get avi gear in SK given the lack of BC riding/skiing
  2. Only joking - would love to sample your handiwork (though I hear your scones are a bit dry)
  3. Originally Posted By: ippy I'll be riding out of the gates with a beacon, probe, shovel, compass and map That's assuming you can find some cheap! Seriously though Ippy, it must be cheaper to source this stuff in South Korea than over here - I saw your comment in the other post if you hadn't already guessed
  4. Originally Posted By: Mamabear While I tip my hat in reverence to you all...handymen all...I put making my own snowboard in the same category as making my own 5 tier wedding cake the night before the wedding. Not something I would consider, enjoy OR do well. Unlike: Lemon Sorbet 2 x Mango Sorbet Mashed Potato Corn Relish Dip French Onion Dip 3 x Coleslaw Banana Smoothie Chocolate Thickshake Steamed vegetables with salmon steaks White Chocolate and Blueberry Scones AND Beef Stroganoff!!!
  5. Yeah, I like that one but it always makes me hungry!!
  6. Now you`re talking - but where are the Brussels???
  7. Is this the start of a dodgy-looking vegetable photos thread??
  8. Guys, I've got to see these as and when you've finished them so please post some pics
  9. Have just seen this on the evening news. A bloody good reminder that i need to go on an avi course and sort myself out with a transceiver!!
  10. You need a milestone birthday and lovely wife I've had both of those but still don't have a Gentem
  11. Originally Posted By: ippy buy a pow stick for furano. I'd love a Gentem Stick but I could do a whole season for the price of one of those babies In the meantime, I'll make do with the Machete so thanks for your thoughts on Ride's lowrize rocker/Nidecker's camrock - I think I made the right decision!
  12. Sounds like we both need to be careful otherwise we'll end up with as many boards as Ippy!
  13. I spent most of last season thinking about getting a new board. After many hours of online research, deliberation and talking to (and boring) anyone who would listen, I narrowed my choice down to 2:- one of the original YES boards (the 156.5, yellow and purple one with camrock, an assymetric sidecut and serrated edges) and a Ride Machete - both highly acclaimed boards with interesting rocker technology. The YES board was my 1st choice, mainly because of the spec but I also liked the story behind it’s creation. However, many other people obviously thought the same and it quickly sold
  14. Will definitely be going back to Kamui again. I only went there once last season and although it hadn't snowed for a few days, still found some untouched powder Shame there are no more meat pies to be had in Cafe 751
  15. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver I won too!! Mick, if you wanna organise a car trip up there during the season, let me know! Ganbatta! If it dumps before the year's out (wishful thinking), maybe I'll head up there then otherwise it'll have to wait until I'm back from Hokkaido in March. Looking forward to a free day on the hill in any event!
  16. Congrats on the flight booking and ski ordering! When do you arrive in Furano?
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