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  1. I'm having some 'technical' issues but like my visit to the big G, all good things come to those who wait!
  2. Cheers Pete! Next question:- How did you do that? I ask as I'm going to be uploading shedloads of photos over the next day or so! yoroshiku, ne. Edit: Worked it out now, thanks!
  3. Love the winter/summer contrast in those photos Metabo! Right, here's my contribution:- 2 shots of Yuzawa Kogen taken from Gala Yuzawa on Tuesday - the 1st from the Central Area and the 2nd from the Southern Area (apologies if the links don't work - I'm not yet used to the new uploading system!).
  4. On a similar topic, anyone know or recommend board tuning places in Hakuba?
  5. Nothing special, just normal strength paracetamol from the UK, which I get anyone and everyone to bring out for me when they come over as I know it works (for me) plus seems to be far cheaper than anything else I've seen here. Had my own scary moment y'day at Gala. Was playing in the trees in the Southern Area and on the 2nd run through the section I was doing, popped over a roller but a metre or so to the right of my first line and at a slightly different angle. Needless to say there was now a tree blocking my way so as I was mid-air, just tried to shift my weight as much as I could to th
  6. Didn't know by the time I headed up the hill to Gala!! No complaints though, as the Southern Area was open with knee-deep powder and clear skies :-) Am now back in Kanagawa uploading photos!
  7. Have never looked at them with families in mind but I'd agree with goz given the time he's spent at Rusutsu and the fact that it has an amusement park nextdoor and a merry-go-round/carousel behind the front desk!
  8. Good morning from Paradise Alley! Looking out the window up to the Gala station I can see both fresh snow and a bit of blue sky. The wind forecast hasn't yet changed so am debating whether to get myself to Echigo-Yuzawa station and wait for more news on Kagura or just get myself up to Gala!
  9. Looks like it was a nice day Metabo, but is it the same place without the Rangers??
  10. Great report for a great day, the ending excepted, though can't think of a better place to have spent your last day (or 2 hours, 12 minutes of it) than at the big G!!
  11. That's what I have, plus a little flashlight, some painkillers and a few other odds and sods in my pockets, mainly because I hate carrying a backpack.
  12. The forecast hadn't changed or been updated so I decided to head back to Yuzawa Kenkouland (via the ATM), where I'm now enjoying a maguro-don (buri) in the tatami tv lounge :-) As for tomorrow, I'll see what the forecast says when I wake up and take it from there, either Kagura if the wind's not too bad or Gala, hoping that the Southern area's open. In any case it's still snowing outside and the forecast is for more tonight but clearer skies tomorriw so hopefully it'll be a good one!
  13. Can't see on the ol' iPhone so if they look good, then yes but if not, then no!!
  14. As you well know Muika, nothing can match Granview but what can you do? I'll post a proper review when I get back on a pc but everyone was right about where the good bits were at Maiko, so thanks for the heads up! Sadly those bits also had the worst vis but it was still fun out there today. Muika was also right about the Nagamine area - I did a couple of laps straight-lining the zig-zag course though did get a bit bogged down in the trees! The gondola also stopped running due to the wind, not that I used it after the first run up ;-) Oh, and my board bag remained hidden until my return
  15. Good work onehunga!! Look forward to having a proper look on the pc, as well as uploading my own, when I get back tomorrow night//Weds.
  16. I can now see the magnificent Granview slopes (& my BC ridge run) from the Maiko shuttle bus! Looks gnarly!!!
  17. I am!! You you can't see me??? Great snow out there, though would prefer to see it as well as feel it!! It was better in the trees, though wind gusts would occasionally blow off the new snow from the branches causing a temporary white-out!! All good fun though :-) Right, onwards and upwards:- http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/23848-kagura-quandary/
  18. So the plan today was to get a morning in at Maiko (done!) then head over to the Wadagoya Mountain Hut at Kagura before the gondola closes. I knew the top lifts would be shut there today because of the high winds, which means there'll be plenty of untracked pow to play in on Tuesday, and staying there gives you first tracks in all that loveliness!! The trouble is that tomorrow's forecast is also now saying 40-45 km/h up top. So do I gamble and stay there, with the possibility of more lift closures, or go spend another (cheaper) night at Yuzawa Kenkouland (which actually wasn't bad) then hi
  19. Cheers Muika!! Can't see much but it's dumping down so no complaints :-)
  20. Update: they accept visa AND I could remember my pin number!! Big lockers cost 600Yen so I took the only sensible, rational if not honourable course of action open to me - I've 'hidden' my board bag and still have 617Yen for lunch ;-) Right, enough chit-chat, it's time to ride - let's Maiko!!
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