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  1. I'd definitely like to see some Mold pies for sale at Granview! Would bring in the punters I'm sure, not that the big G needs any more advertising now that the secret's out!
  2. That's simply not on in my books! I know everyone's busy, blah, blah, blah, but if people aren't prepared to put back in what they've got out (if you get my gist), then I'd quite understand if you felt it was more hassle than it's worth to keep it going!
  3. I missed this too!! What a great trip and trip report! Runcorn ski centre does indeed look like an English version of Granview, in relative terms, though I would hasten to add that the latter has far more charm! As for the Mold pies, they've made me more homesick than I've felt in ages!!
  4. Sorry I missed this thread MagSeven. I went camping and did a bit of cycling on Sado four summers ago and really enjoyed it, so I'm glad it all worked out well in the end. Am also glad to see that you made it to the Big G though not sure that qualifies you for Club Granview status, as you didn't grace the hallowed slopes. It's a bit like when my plane landed at Sao Paulo en route to Buenos Aires. I had to stay on the plane while the Brazil-bound passengers disembarked, so I never touched Brazilian soil and therefore can't add Brazil to the list of countries I've visited!
  5. I also live next to the 246 so yeah, literally just up the road! I've never done it by car but it's 3 train stations away, equivalent to about a 45-minute walk or 15 minutes on the bmx! SKI, who, what or where's Mold??
  6. Depending on who's around then, we should have an SJ ebento!! Perhaps based at the Big G then heading over to Naeba for the WC.
  7. Metabo, that's my local slope - literally just up the road from me!! I checked it out when I first moved into the area a few years ago but the "snow" looked like it would do nasty things to the base of my then new board (which I wanted to try out) so I decided to give it a miss. I've been back a couple of times since when I've been nearby but have never ridden there, so it's good to read what it's like! However, whilst I'm glad you came all the way down to my neck of the woods, I'm a little sad that you never popped in to say hello!
  8. I've only been to Hokkaido once in the summer and it rained almost the whole week I was there! I guess it's a precipitation kind of place!
  9. Looks fun but I imagine they'd be fairly sketchy at speed!
  10. Good work Metabo! I love hearing about these out-of-way ski jos that hardly anyone knows about or goes to! A bit like Granview before the secret got out. Me too! & I like the idea of a Gassan double-header!!
  11. It was ok! & having just seen the photos taken by you and Rock-hand, it was perfect timing! The program is actually about travelling to places by bus, but as that's what I usually end up doing it was quite useful! Whether by choice or chance, they went there on the opening day and skied/rode down, so I'm guessing there's some rental facilities there unless the trip was completely staged! In any event, I'm developing a Granview-like desire to visit there but knowing how long it takes me to plan things, it might have to be a 2015 venture!! Btw Metabo, what does a Gassan stick
  12. For those of us living in Japan, you can see a visit to Gassan on NHK now (7.30 - 8.45pm)!! Well it's a program with 4 guys, 2 visiting Okinawa and 2 visiting Gassan. Enjoy :-)
  13. Great job Ger!! I've climbed it with the masses in the summer but would love to have a crack at it on a snowboard! How many boarders did you see there or was it mainly skiers?
  14. Having just seen the Brie pics, am looking forward to the review!!
  15. Welcome to the dark side onehunga!! Obviously you saw the light at our grail day at Granview As for boots, I'd agree with what's been said above about going for a tighter fit. In an ideal world you would try the boots on and then strap yourself onto a board, because that's going to feel and fit differently to just walking around a shop. With my first pair of boots (Burton) I made the mistake of buying a pair that was confortable instore but ended up with heel lift problems on the slopes. My next pair (Salomon) were better but with my last ones, I actually went down a size so that my bi
  16. Time for a Gassan bump as I've just spotted this in the Reviews section:- http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resort-reviews/detail/2053 Rock-hand, I hope you don't mind but I've copied your photos over here as well!
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