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  1. bump well,..nozawa in 2 days if you are around send me a pm or post here and we might be able to hook up on the slopes or at the onsen after would be cool to meet some fellow SJ'ers and hear from them more about skiing japan. ive got a mobile with me so send me a pm and we cna keep in contact that way.soo much easier
  2. can't u take it as sports equipment on ure airline??? who you flying with??
  3. well,stretching the limits is the only way for me only way to get better is to go BEYOND hehe
  4. well, from talking to alot of friends and instructors .. and personal experience .. when you notice you are falling and have the experience and reflexes to know what to do to save yourself, then use these skills.. it takes years of experience and training to be able to "master the art of catching falls " .. but anytime i know i WILL fall i rather try to relax the whole body and just go with it..has saved broken bones and other damage from me and others..so it works
  5. ohh..another question..what kind of poles do you guys use?? alu,carbon,wood..TELL ME carbon for most stuff..although i do have some stiffer ones,think they are alu for tree runs ..try to avoid using my carbon ones there as ive already broken 2 pairs ;/
  6. yup,actually just recently got a really nice cebe helmet..found out later it was a test winner in tons of magazines..lol..got it dirt cheap after xmas sale always been riding with a back protector and sometimes kneepads on the telemark..but helmet? Now i'd never go without cause a) You look sooo much more badass on shots of you in deep powder and that black helm sticks out warmer.. c) ohh..and i guess safer aswell ?? not sure about that last one..havent had to many chances to try it
  7. thats really strange.. in nz on mt. rhuapehu they use hard plastic for the season passes,others are paper..really annoying as my friend has had it ripped off after a crash n shit ;/ they still use hand scanners down there it would just be so much easier with chip cards that need no people to scan ..just a pole you walk past/rub on and it will let you through..i have 3 diff chip cards for skandinavia and the alps..also being able to load them online instead of queuing is nice
  8. One of the most dangerous things you see alot of beginner skier's (and also more advanced !)do is not holding the poles correctly at the grip through the straps.. you should put your hand through the strap and grip the pole in such a manner that your hand should easily slide out if the pole is thrust upward, hard to explain like this..needs to be shown.. but alot of wrist injuries on skiers happen because they don't know how to properly grip the poles!! and to the length..as mentioned..you normally start out with what JA said, pole reach below armpit etc.. when you get more advanced you w
  9. uhm..well..there is a good reason why one uses poles. as go native already mentiones..they become part of ure skiing..i can't see myself or anyone really doing powder runs or glades on ski's or telemarks without poles.. sure,when you go to skischool you'll do lots without, cause it helps you rely on the technique's they teach you etc..but later you will use poles more and more as part of the skiing.. anyone saying they are uncecessary clearly hasn't got a clue what they are talking about.
  10. where you get hold of the notwax?? and do you wax the top first then spray with it for grip or?
  11. well,im really looking forward to nozawa and it will be interesting to see how I see it compared to alot of other places ive been to (not in japan).. but while were talking about nozawa.. is there a cheap way to get back from nozawa to tokyo ? like buying a special pass or so, there's two of us and my japan rail pass will run out the day we get there..so wanna see if there's a cheaper way than paying full price for the nagano-tokyo shinkansen
  12. i love the way that you nearly everywhere can get away with heavy as hand luggage as long as you carry it past the liquid control hehe,thats where they usually stop n weigh if it looks heavy.. had about 20ish kg in my handsuitcase last time hehe+my camera bag with lenses n kamera n shit,prolly another 5 kg and they didnt even look as i easaly was carrying one over shoulder and other in hand..but my neighbour on the plane had 14 kg and had to chuck out some stuff he said ..lol
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