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  1. I think it is confusing to Japanese also. But there are good discount to find. Perhaps get a Japanese friend to outline the main ones at the time and plan before you use.
  2. Quote: Does that place get busy and tracked out early? At weekend I think. But there is a lot of area and it also is not as crowded as many other big resort I think.
  3. Good photo. I like Hakkai-san ski resort, it is really challenging area. I also like the sake!
  4. I enjoy Sugadaira and always in season go 4 or 5 times. The snow conditions is excellent and not so crowded especially weekday. This year less snow usual but I think most places is like that.
  5. Hello! I am Japanese so English not so good. Here is my photo Sugadaira. I was skiing 20 years and now for 5 year I try telemark. Nice to meet you, I am impressed this English resource so big I am telling my friend.
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