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Hello from Sydney.

This is my first post on this site so Hi.

Our snow season is over .almost.

I am looking forward to a trip to Japan in Jan 2002. Maybe .

So i will be pressing you guys for heaps of info and stuff.

Look forward to some replies.

see Ya

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what kind of trip will you do in japan?

where will you go what will you do? snowboarding, skiing, have parties, ride funparks or pauda?

how is your budget?

how long will you stay?

so please give us more infos and we might help ya!

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hey mr sat night.

good to hear from you.

japan is awesome in winter - you are in for a treat. this site is a lifeline too.

where are you planning on going?



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Well guys i really don't know where to go .

Niseko is all i have read about.

Is it as full on powder as i have read about.

Whats accomodation and party life like.And is it as expensive as people tell me.

So far i have had quotes around $2500.00 AUD

for 7 days inc lifts and flights.

thanks .

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ok that helps!

well, if you don't care to meet many mates from your country is it worth to go to niseko. (you might get a little harder in touch with japanese people there)


if you go for party in ski areas (such as apres-ski)you better come to switzerland. but compared to the rest of the japanese ski areas is the party life pretty nice in hirafu.


if you catch the right week is the powder there one of the best! (number 3 in my ranking)


japan is expensiv! but you can ask people who depart earlier for theyr tickets

and there is also a kind of a coupon system where you bring a discount card and you get a one day ticket and a voucher for a lunch.

(there is a hotel on the slope who accept the voucher for a "all you can eat" lunch. but you have to put off your boots and wear the hotel's own slippers!


[This message has been edited by ivo (edited 23 September 2001).]

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Hi Mr. Sat. Night. How's it going?

There are a lot of slopes within 1.5 hours from Tokyo. I recomend to get Enlgish laguage teacher job in Tokyo- Salary is not too bad just boring but you can make enough money to keep going, then go to slope every weekend!

To be honest, Japan is super expensive. You need to have some job to make money for survive in here but many cool thing in here too! And also there are discount air tickets to Niseko so... Well... Good luck ;-) maybe see you at slope or Tokyo


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