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There was a huuuuge scandal going on with

this year's salt lake city games.


The head of the International Olympic

Committee resigned over the whole thing.


It was a bribery scandal where Salt Lake

City business owners gave cash to IOC

chairholders. Lotsa dirty money to be made.


The Chairholders and business people alike

shredded enough paper not to be indicted on

bribery counts, despite sufficient testimony

from witnesses. The case would have turned

into a he said, she said case, and not one

prosecutors thought they could win.


It was well publicized, I'll see if I can

find some news links. It all went down a

year ago, and was in the mainstream media.


I'm surprised you haven't heard about it.

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Wish I could say I've had personal experience with Olympic athletes, but I haven't...yet!!


But over the last 20+ years of being a sports fan, I have seen about a dozen general references by Olympians in interviews to the casual sex that goes on in the Olympic Villages.


Think about it.


These are fit young healthy competitive people, thrown together in a great international sporting event, an electric environment, with all the stress and tension of years of preparation leading up to their events, and then several days of relaxing and celebrating the aftermath...


They are often housed in college dorms or similar places, with small private rooms, and they are on their own a lot with their athlete-only cafeterias and facilities. They mix. They mingle. They have assignations...


Come on. What do YOU think happens? This is not a bible-study gathering we are talking about here.


In the old cold war days I saw a couple of interviews with US track and field guys who said they'd been up to some shenanigans with some female Soviet athletes, involving simple subterfuges to elude the mother-hen attentions of this or that battle-axe of a team chaperone the USSR had posted over their chicken coop.


I saw some interviews with the Nagano snowboarders, from Europe and North America, and they got up to some drinking and shenanigans. One guy was disqualified for breaking a hotel switchboard with a flying ashtray, another guy was busted but not prosecuted for puffing a joint he got from a local guy in a bar, and so on.


What do YOU think these people are up to? Not all of them, not all the time or blatantly, but we are talking about THOUSANDS of young fit bodies in close living quarters, and I sure would like to be there offering foot and gluteal massages to female speed skaters and figure skaters.


I saw there are 120,000 unsold hotel beds in Salt Lake City. Tourists are staying away for whatever reason...think it's going to be too crowded, too many security delays, no boozing in Mormon country, whatever.


Ski mags always report the little-known truth that the best uncrowded slopes ever to be had at world-famous mountain resorts are...ta-ta-ta-tum!...during the Olympics. Skiers/boarders stay away in droves, figuring it will be totally crowded. Guess what? It is NOT. I saw a BBS post that skier visits to SLC are down a reported 45% this year. That's a LOT.


Well, the point is, we could all still go to SLC and hang out trying to ride up the lift with the cute Japanese moguler as she hits the pow-pow on her day off...meet the Italian ski team and get drunk on Cinzano and sing "Funiculi, Funicula" at midnight to shrinking terrified clumps of Mormons...we could ride the untracked Cottonwood Canyon powder, hoist our tankards then our petards in Park City, and weasel our way into the skin-tight lycra bodysuits of the most awesomely proportioned speed skaters to find out what lies beneath...




I recant my earlier criticism of the Olympics.


I LOVE the Olympics!!


Now if I could only convince my boss to give me 3 weeks off.

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I am sure even interpreturs can get a peice of the action too.


badmigraine! Where is the classified add requesting for interpreters?!! Screw getting permission from work, I'm outta here!

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A couple of years back, there were some well-publicized complaints from the athletes at some big meet in western Japan (student games maybe) that they were only getting three condoms each. "That won't last a night !" was the cry.


On the subject of powerful women, it's pretty common knowledge that Simply Red's Mick Hucknall used to hook up with Steffi Graf whenever he could to enjoy her highly developed lower body. The best ever, or so our Mick did rave. She's ended up with Agassi, a man with more than a little experience under his belt, and there's already proof that they're getting up to more than tennis.

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Can't say I'm that interested. Just the thought of those two together always made me laugh. He's been with Catherine Zeta Jones too, but we all know about her taste in men.


To his credit, Mick Hucknall (well, his money) helped set up the reggae reissue label Blood and Fire in Manchester. The label has brought some killa roots and dub to the masses, so my opinion of the man is not quite as low as it would be otherwise. The label is run by Steve Barrow, the guy that wrote "The Rough Guide to Reggae". Again, highly recommended.

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